Sunday, January 31, 2010

Time to review and reaffirm my small changes to date.

I am still on board with all of my changes.....although not being 100 % true.   

When traveling things get all de-bobbed.  

  • I have been drinking soda more than I hoped I would be.  
  • I have not written anything in my food diary all week......I have thought about it but that is not the same at all.   I know this method works.  Look at Weight Watchers all over the world.   I am happy to report I have noticed a 5-lb weight loss since I started!
  • Hmmm, for the medications and vitamins,  well I have been religous about the rx's but the vitamins I have let slide but.............considering it has been a poor diet while I traveled here and since I have been is all the more reason to take my vitameanies!
  • maybe the best.............I have said NO!  I did, I really did say....
    • No, I will be out of town and you will need to get someone else to handle that...
    • No, I have to prepare for my trip, I am sorry I can't come to your home party.   
    • No, I do not have time to help prepare for your event, I am leaving Wednesday morning for Boston.
And guess what............that world did not collapse around me because I didn't do it all.   No one thought less of me for putting up the boundaries.

So, this week, I will review and re-energize myself towards my small changes. 


Barbi said...

You're doing GREAT!!!! Keep it up! And once you get home you can get on track and more focused. I'll be doing my measurements etc tomorrow, so we'll see how well/not well I've done.
But we're going for a week to Mexico in Feb, so I know that I'll have some back tracking to do when we get home. LOL But it will be worth it.

stitchinfiend said...

Yayyy good for your. It will get easer as you learn to say no.