Sunday, February 28, 2010

Week 9 - My Small Changes

This week my small change is to eat breakfast every day.   It is not just to eat something for breakfast but to have breakfast.  We have all heard the benefits of eating breakfast and I do each breakfast each morning.......hmmm, sometimes it is toast with jelly in the car, somethings instant oatmeal thinned to a drinkable consistency in the car, sometimes a breakfast bar in the car, sometimes a bagel with cream cheese in the car......get the picture.    I arrive at work 50 to 60 minutes early what will be the big deal to arrive 40 to 50 minutes early each day?    I plan to sit at the table in my kitchen, eat my breakfast, drink my juice and cup of coffee # 3 or 4 and just have a general calm before the storm of the commute and the fire drill of the day.    I know when I used to walk 2 miles each morning.....on the days I walked I had a better day.   It set the pace for the day.  So here's to me and my Cherrios!

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