Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just for fun

One Word, No Explanation


Not as easy as you might think...

1. Yourself: overweight
2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend husband: husband
3. Your hair: red
4. Your mother/stepmother: deceased
5. Your dog: none
6. Your favorite item: laptop
7. Your dream last night: none
8. Your favorite drink: wine
9. Your dream car:
10. The room you are in: family
12. Your fear: illness
13. What you want to be in 10 years: retired
14. Who you hung out with last night: Geoffrey
15. What you’re not: follower
16. Muffin: banana
17. One of your wish list items: happiness
18. Time: evening
19. The last thing you did: dishes
20. What you are wearing: jammies
21. Your favorite weather: all
22. Your favorite book: autobiography
23. The last thing you ate: pasta
24. Your life: full
25. Your mood: calm
26. Your best friend(S): awesome
27. What are you thinking about right now? stitching
28. Your car: Prius
29. What are you doing at the moment?typing
30. Your summer: busy
31. Your relationship status: married
32. What is on your TV?makeover
33. What is the weather like?: rainy
34. When is the last time you laughed?: tonight

copies from Mare's Runaway Needle

Current read

I am currently reading The Garden of the Last Days.   It is good but I have to keep putting it down.   The central character, April is a dancer at a gentlemen's club.   Single mom, struggling, yada yada yada.   She is forced to take her daughter to work one night and leave her in the office.   One thing leads to another and the little girl, Frannie  (3) wakes up and wonders into the parking lot.   A patron, AJ, a poor confused sap whose wife has a restraining order against him for her and their 3 year old son basically because he drinks and she is high maintenance - puts the Frannie in his truck because he is afraid for her in the parking lot.   Then there is the terrorist freak who has had April in a private room all night.   You don't know what devastation he is planning but he keeps talking about Allah.   AJ now is driving around with the little girl because he was thrown out of the dance club earlier in the evening and he was back there to apologize to the dancer at closing time.  He has had too much to drink and can't go up to the bouncer because they won't listen to him especially remembering throwing him out a few hours earlier.  Thing is, I don't want to see something bad happen to AJ and he is a good guy who is just going down that path of self destruction making bad decisions.   And the terrorist, Bassam, I don't know what he is planning but it is something.   I don't know if I can finish the book right now.   I'd rather be in my Happy Place and this one, although a good book, is not taking me there.

I think I will check out what Sioban is recommending.  She has recommended a few books by first time authors.  First Wendy Webb's "The Tale of Halcyon Crane".  Next "A Long, Long Time Ago & Essentially True" by Brigid Pasulka.  And last another from new author Beth Hoffman,  "Saving CeeCee Honeycutt".    I haven't checked them out yet but hope to this week and find a page turner......or at minimum, I will pick up another Greg Iles book.  Love him!

My Small Changes - Week 17

This week my small change it to learn to quit when I am ahead.     Hmmmm, brings up thoughts that I might have put my foot in my mouth or something.   Not quite to dramatic.   I seem to get involved in things and rarely include cleanup time when I am finished.   This creates the domino effect and puts me behind the 8 ball on the next task.

When in the yard working, I keep pulling weeds, trimming beds forgetting that I need a half hour to pick up those weed piles and put those tools away properly.   In the morning before I head for the shower, it is just one more row of stitches before I start to get ready for work.   Once I start, I realize it is not just showering and dressing, it is packing lunch and do dishes before I head out the door.

I need to better learn (better enforce!) the best stopping point.  No more......just one more stitch.  (Boo!)  (Disclaimer - photo is a webshot and not from my yard)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why are some weeks more hectic than others?

Stitching - Not much stitching going on here, or rather not much cross stitching.   Stitching of another kind has been happening.   My second quilting class - Yikes! - talk about precision!  The teacher is great but if we are off more than 1/32 of an inch we need to start over.    All the cutting, measuring, re-squaring, measuring and cutting again all before SEWING.  And then the sewing can but off.    Selecting fabrics was hard enough.  The work is tedious but the rewards are going to be great.   I am not a precise person.  I am organized, neat, anal and an overachiever but not precise.   Fortunately or unfortuately I have been sewing for years with the unfortunate part the potential for years of bad habits.  This is going to be a challenge.  But I am taking this class with two friends from work so it is all good.

Other Stitching - Sew I decided to whip up some cute little card wallets for the girls at work for Secretary's Week.   Here is the first one....still need to slip stitch and get the snap on.   It is too too cute.   I have a bunch cut out and ready to stitch up.   And still more fat quarters picked and ready to cut.    I hope they like them.

And even more Stitching -  I am so close on my Between the Sheets Sampler.   I just need some thread and needle and linen time.   Oops!  It is sideways!

Last week was a series of evening classes, evening meetings and dinners out so it was collapse on the couch time and get the DVR going to catch up when I finally found my way home.  Of course I was either too tired to stitch or promptly fell asleep in the upright position!

Weight Watchers -  Great numbers again this week.   Down 3 pounds.   Unfortunately I went on a food frenzy on Wednesday-Thursday-Friday.   Hopefully I am back on track today and will get in some treadmill time at some point today.  Between my schedule last week and my time being stretched to the limits and Mr. Wonderful being more like Mr. Crab-cake all week I fell into the old habits that helped add those pounds I so deparately want to shed.    I found a really easy reality check......when I sit at my dressing table in the morning (in you know, with next to nothing on) all I need to look to the right at the far end of the walk-in closet and see that ghastly reflection in the full length mirror and I vow - I don't want to look like and feel like that person I see in the reflection.  So today, lots of water, lots of movement.

And if there is not enough news on the stitching front -  I snagged a pattern off my wish list.  It was on back order from Stitching Bits and Bobs and I was excited to find it in my mail.   I have fancied this pattern for years but it seems like everytime I would try to pick it up, it was out of stock at my LNS.   But I have a twist, I want to sew the spools in a variety of pastels.  I have several Christmas pieces and would like to stitch this for my sewing room.  This is one I want to start on my retreat in May on Ocean City, MD so I'd better get moving on my gradulation sampler finish too because I won't start anything new until I have another many sew close!

SEW SEW SEW -  I am wasting precious good weather time outside ........messing about with the internet and blogville.

Friday, April 23, 2010

A new look

As you can see, I deleted my Hot Diggity Blog template.   Something had happened to my title photo and everything was all wonky.  So I thought, hmmmm, my daughter's blog looks crisp and clean, let me try a standard template for a while.  While the online templates you can download are cute, I feel like I am loosing a whole lot of space off to the sides.... but this seems a bit boring to me.    And now my photos in my posts are all wonky.   I am not computer savy enough to type in the html coding to convert to a 3 column blog which is what I really want to do.  It just goes to show, we are never satisfied.    I think I may be tweaking for a few days.   I think I need to get a LIFE!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Check out Jennifer's Mother's Day give-a-way at Feathers in the Nest

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Be Kind to the Admin/Secretary in Your Life

It is Administrative Professionals Week so please be kind to any from the School Secretary (where I got my start) to the Lady at the Tax Office to the girl at the window in your Doctor's office.   Admins are what keeps everything together and moving forward! 
Every been in an office and the boss is still happens.   If the Admin is out......things grind to a painful stop.   No one left seems to know how to unjam the copier, where the extra plastic ware or plates for the luncheon, where are the menus for the nearby places that delivery, which way does the letterhead go in each and every copier and printer to make your document come out right, where is the secret place that phone numbers and addresses are kept, how to fax a document,  format a document and believe me I could go on.  Who reminds the boss what he needs to be aware of before he knows he needs to know?  
Being a good Admin .......................pause - I don't know when we went from being Secretaries to being Administrative Professionals......somewhere about the same time Janitors became Custodians I guess........being a good Admin is like being in the stage crew of a play.   You do not get center stage billing nor do you want it.  But you are instrumental in making the show go off without a hitch.  
So this week as you go through your day and interact with others think about who typed the lists, maintained the file, created the phone was probably a Secretary.......she is kind of like a mom who manages to balance kids, carpools, the house and husband but on a different playing field.

There are 9 of us Admins that all sit in same area of the 3rd floor at work.  For the last few years I have been doing something special  for them each day.  I supervise four of them.   My girls are better than great.   They are wonderful and joy to Supervise.   They are all dedicated and hard working.......maybe it has something to do with their boss.   Since we all sit close to each other, I do it for everyone.  Nothing big, but something to let them know they are special and appreciated.
Monday will be Pansies
Tuesday will be Muffins (for the Weight Watchers they are only 2 pts.)  Tuesday's muffins were burnt! so Thursday became Muffins-revisited!
Wednesday will be a Scandanavian Salad I am making them all for lunch.
Thursday ----(I forget what I planned.  It is listed on a piece of paper under my blotter at work.)  Muffins Revisited
Friday - I am stitching up little card wallets.

Have a great week, thanks for stopping by and remember the Secretaries in you life.

My Small Changes - Week 16

Touch it once and handle it!  I can't count the times I pick up something and more it from here to there only to pick it up and handle it again later.   I am making extra work for myself.  

When I am extremely overwhelmed at work and my desk looks like a front end loader dumper a billion pieces of paper on my desk and I need to make sense of it, I pick up each paper and handle it start to finish.   Usually in an hours time I can clean and sort my desk to the order I prefer.  Some things get sorted and sub-sorted but at least like things are together.  And it makes it not so overwhelming.   It makes the job manageable and I don't fear I have forgotten something...perhaps something important! 

So, why I ask myself, don't I do this at home?   It would work great with the junk mail.   I carry it in and look through it to see if there is something important.  Put it down.   Move it to the other side of the kitchen counter.   Pick it up and move it again when I cook dinner.  Stack it up in yet another place to take the time to review it on the weekend.   I mean what is up with that?   I have been doing the same thing with the laundry.   Wash it, dry it, fold it, leave it in the basket!  Move the basket, dig through the basket, hide the basket.  Just think how easy it would be to put everything away right away.

I don't know when this bad habit started.   This is not the way I used to do things.   Somewhere along the way when we all go so busy things started to but put off until I had time later.   This bad habit of mine stops this week for I will Touch It Once and Handle It!!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

TUSAL Posting!

WaHoo!  I made it in the right day.  First a pix of my mug and all my bits in it.    Well I think at the rate I am going, I will need a new jar before long.   So that got me thinking.....hmmmm, what am I going to be like the Cat Lady with a 100 cats in her tiny house but me with my hundreds of jars of thread bits in my house..... then I remember what a girl I worked with told me her father did each spring.    He would set out bits of thread, yarn and string for the birds to pick up and use in their nests.   Well I don't know if it really is something the birds do but I am up for trying.    You can see my mason jar from last year behind and to the left.  Jar in hand,  I took last years bits/orts and sprinkled them around the yard.  I lined some on the pavers that edge a garden so I can observe if they 'disappear'.    It will be funny to see a nest with some metallics! 
I think of it as recycling.

Planning a trip to Massachusetts

I got so homesick for my daughter seeing Jennifer's post about being in Boston I just had to plan a trip to see my daughter.   She lives outside of Boston and it looks like it is set for us to travel to see her for Mother's Day weekend.   A weekend of my girls and crafting and giggling and a few drinks or two is great.   I wish it were this weekend.    I can't wait until we can get in transporters like on Star Trek and we can just beam ourself places.   Wouldn't that save so much time and give us all more stitching time?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I just had to share this clever idea

I follow a couple of thrift store junkies who seem to to possess the most incredible eye for seeing potential in something.   Pop on over to Mamie Jane's to see what she did with screw drivers----yes screw drivers----from a yard sale.   Too too inventive!  This is just the latest in her long line  of re-using things.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The old adage....ask a busy person...

EDIT WITH WIP INFO at the end for those who asked.

well I am that busy person.   I have taken over the Treasurer's position for one of the groups I belong to.   I have been wading through the jumble of papers since I received them Wednesday night.   I know everyone has their own method but to me, the papers were really a jumble.   I am putting everything in Quicken.   My prediceasor (sp??) was using Quicken as well but I want to start fresh going back to January 1.   I need to make sure everything is categorized in a sensible way to make it easier for when we do our final report on our grant as well as when we apply for our next year's grant  money.   In defense of the former Treasurer, she is new to our organization, has not worked with our grant before and just was named the president of another organization.   hmmmm, seems to bring back the memory of when the kids were in school and you saw the same few parents, sometimes in different roles and sometimes not, at the Soccer meetings, the Boy Scout meetings, the Yearbook meetings, the PTA meetings, the Project Graduation meetings.   You get the idea.  It is always the same few to seem to be the doers. 

I have been trying to tick and tie the paperwork and enter the info into Quicken. After a couple of hours, I relented and my other passion spoke to me......the great outdoors.  All the leaves are rakes and ground cover is ready to grow.
Big Fat Mr. Squirrel did well for himself over the winter. My pond!  I am amazed each year that the fish have made it through another winter.   Not bad for $1.99  Walmart fish.   
Some of my tulips!  These were from my parent's yard so they are special. 
A view down the side property line with my pond this side of the Xmas tree and Mr. Wonderful's Man Cave straight ahead.One of several arches we have erected over the years to mark the entrance into the woods and trails behind our house.Don't you just love the way the laundry smells after being on the line all day?  The camera just missed everything blowing in the breeze.And I have managed to stitch a bit but I am sure looking forward to my pj's and the return of Army Wives tonight.    This section with the four quilt like motifs is what appealed to me with this sampler.   I hope to have it complete by my guild meeting in May.  I'm close.  I'd better set up the DVR in case all the fresh air has me nodding off early.    Update for those who asked about the name of my WIP ......OK, so my WIP is a class piece from my Guild.   It is called Between The Sheets and was taught by Nan Tyson Euler.   She is from central PA I believe but I do know she teachs for EGA.  The class was two days and included all the supplies, linen, floss, etc., instructions on how to paint the linen at the bottom section where the house is stitched and a lecture on the history of the bedroom and its importance in the home. No no no....get your minds out of the gutter ladies!   It was all about how the bedroom was not private but rather a gathering place.   She shared a lot of historical info and anecdotes about the Germantown and Chestnut Hill sections of Philadelphia.   I enjoyed the class and have enjoyed the stitching the piece even more so now that I am getting closer to completion.   Anyway, check out the other photos by using the Nan Tyson Euler labels (now that my posts are labeled.)

My Small Changes - Week 15

Well folks, it is not because I don't have a list of things that I still want to add to my small changes but I do need to reflect and check my status of all the Small Changes I posted that I wanted to make.

Let's see -
Week 1 - Eliminate Sodas - I have only had 3, maybe 4 in 3 months!
Week 2 - Watch what I eat - Although I have been, it has not resulted in any weight loss.   I think I eat the wrong things. 
Week 3 - Take my rx's and vitamins regularly - Rx's is happening, not so good with the vitamins since I am not suppose to take them when I take my rx.   I will work on this.
Week 4 - Learn to say No - I just did again this week!  I told the Manager of HR I did not want to teach a class to other employees on Word 2007.  Trouble is I don't think he believed me!  I need to tell him NO firmer.
Week 5 - Review - that's what I'm doing now!
Week 6 - Log into my online banking regularly - doing it!
Week 7 - Drink more water - doing it!  I buy citrus fruit and put a slice in my water from a different fruit each day.  My fav is pink grapefruit.  
Week 8 - Put labels on my posts - doing it!
Week 9 - Sit and eat breakfast - doing it!
Week 10 - Take a deep breath before speaking - Doing it! Wow, now that I hesitate before replying I actually come up with some intelligent answers.
Week 11 - Update my filing system - Well I am thinking about it.   Seems to be the wrong time of the year.   I want to be outside!
Week 12 - Read the paper each morning - when I can find it!  When I can't I take 5 minutes to read my current book.
Week 13 - Cross things off that to-do list - Really trying to get this done.   Working on some long lost WIP's that I hope to be able to take off the list soon as well as some household projects.
Week 14 - Floss daily - I can't believe I am doing this.   How quickly this one became a habit. Takes no time at all.
Week 15 - See Week 5!

My Small Changes

Need to get outside and enjoy this beautiful time to update my small change right now......but I will and will fill you in later on what I have been doing and why I NEED to get away from the computer! Here's a clue..........

Weight Watchers

For those of you who may be on Weight Watchers, I found a great site.   It is called Dottie's Weight Loss Zone.   Check it out to find points values for restaurants, a newsletter, recipes, etc.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh those points!

Needlearts Survey

The National Needlearts Association is conducting a survey of needle artists and would like your advice and opinions, whether you are a beginner or an expert! The survey is only conducted every few years so our input is very important. Answers are anonymous and no one will use your survey responses to market to you.  I advise a little research ahead of time since they request websites you visit.

In return for your participation, you will receive valuable benefits:

• A chance to win one of five $100 needlearts gift certificates.
• Ensure stores and suppliers provide what you want.
• Explore your needlearts interests.
• Your valuable input will help the needlearts community to: Advocate for more programs to support the needlearts, such as Helping Hands Needlearts Mentoring, Stitch N Pitch, and Stitching for Literacy.
• Help independent retailers and family-owned suppliers succeed by giving much needed customer feedback.

As a thank-you for completing the survey, TNNA is offering the chance to win one of five $100 needlearts store gift certificates. To enter the sweepstakes simply fill out the survey HERE and then click on "Sweepstakes Entry" on the page you see after submitting the survey.

The 10-minute survey asks about your experiences with the needlearts you enjoy: cross-stitch, embroidery, knitting, crocheting, or needlepoint.

The survey is sponsored by The National NeedleArts Association, a business organization dedicated to supporting the needlearts community. Hart Business Research is conducting this survey for TNNA and compiling the results into a major national report, The State of Specialty Needlearts 2010.

Survey closes April 19, 2010.

The Girl on the Wall

I happened across this fabulous piece when I trying to look up site addresses for sites I visit for a survey.   The piece Jean Baggett of Australia did is fantastic.   Make sure you scroll through the posts to find the video clip for The Girl on the Wall.  Her work is really inspiring and I doubt I could fill 70+ circles with motifs on my life! 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week 14 - My Small Changes

Now this is a disgusting one and a boring one!  I plan to floss more regularly!  Yuck, of al the things I could change!!??!!     lol  I don't mind flossing and am the dutiful patient that flosses in few weeks prior to and immediately after my dental appointment.  After that, it is few and far between.  I guess it is the poster on the wall that I had to look at while I was sitting in the chair waiting for the hygenist at my last appointment.   The ugliness and pain of gum disease.  Ugh! Why not prevent it?   I have also heard that flossing can ward off many illnesses by ridding the bacteria that could ultimately cause illness, etc.   I won't say I don't have the time:  top of the morning/top teeth - bottom of the day/bottom teeth.  What will it extra minute of my time..........

Progress and great things to look forward to!!

Had a bit of trouble trying to change my header photo to one of Iris' from last spring so what you see is a HINT of spring! 

So here's my  progress on my Nan Tyson Euler sampler.   Had to do the teensiest bit of frogging on the upper left border where I made the corner  to start the border across the top.   Mis-counted somewhere along the left side and would not have had enough room to stitch the four quilt-like sampler motifs.  I sure am glad I had not completed the entire top border!    Thank goodness for small miracles.    Whew!    After finishing the row of stepped herringbone I was still not any bigger of a fan.  I thought all that messing about for not much of a show.  

Speaking of messing about!  makes me think of Len Goodman of Dancing With the Stars.  (DWTS)   I confess to being a big fan.  What's up with sending home Shannon Dougherty?   First and foremost my disclaimer that I could not even dancing if electrodes were attached to me to jolt me for the proper steps on a floor with numbered footprints so I give them all credit.   Shannon seemed to be enjoying herself and was no where near as stiff at Kate Plus 8.  Oh well, it is why I am not a judge!

Now for my Sewing Room Treasures, I have been stitching on it but I seem to jump all about.  There I go messing about again.   A lot of movement and not much substance! I need to stick to one section to complete it and be able to see more visable progress worthy of a photo! 

I had thought I might finish my SB April but I was torn between my love of the yard and my love of stitching.   Here's a peek and fingers crossed I can finish today! 

Next, my diet plan is not working so I have joined Weight Watchers.   It is the only diet my family physician supports and I know it works.   I have been telling myself I could do it on my own but alas, I accept I can not.    I can't go wrong with this!  It is at work at lunch time and as part of the wellness plan, the Company pays 1/2 of our 15 week fee!  Weeeeee!  See what I mean?  It would be silly not to sign up.

And last but not least for today, I have signed up for a 6 week quilting class.   I have sewn forever and had all the sewing classes in high school.   I made quilts for the kids when they were young.  But I did it without any training.   I just did what I thought was right.   You know the valuable tricks and tips you learn in a class?  That's what I am hoping to take away.   It will be fun every Tuesday night to look forward to it!  My daughter and I attended the AQS in Lancaster PA last weekend and I guess it got the creative juices flowing!

Happy Easter all and a great week for everyone.   Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, April 2, 2010

It was best of times, it was the worst of times

First and foremost, Happy Easter to one and all.   I wish every one of you a safe and happy holiday....

Now for the worst of times......without details, suffice to say I received a rather out of the blue *figurative* slap in the face at work yesterday.   I wasn't going to post about it but there is something therapeutic about writing it all out... you kind of release it down your arms and out your fingertips.   Anyway, I was very shaken.  Shaken to the point that at 50+ years old I went and hid in the stall in the ladies room for fear I would cry.   It was that unfair.  Never mind what the issue was because the new me believes in an Eleanor Roosevelt quote one can make you feel inferior without your consent.   I did discuss it with my boss and let my feelings on the unjustness known and with that I put it to rest.   I will not give this event any credence as it deserves none!  One of the most important things I have learned in my lifetime is that I cannot control the things people say and do, I can only control how I react to them.   No worries because before the day was over  I received an email from the publisher of our corporate annual report regarding delivery status.   It is the monster job that someone new each year gets because no one likes it.   The email was gushing with compliments of my work and how much they enjoyed working with me....(maybe I was print it and frame it and put it on my desk for the devious co-worker to have to look at all the time....but I digress.)  I think this is unprecedented! Even better was that the publisher copied each and every officer of the Company.   Woohoo!  feathers in my cap!

So as for the best of times, I left work on time (my new resolve, hmmmm, made it yesterday!)  I left on time on Monday and Tuesday to give my BF at ride since her car was in the shop.   I was amazed at how much of an evening I had on Monday and Tuesday getting home slightly after 5 versus 6 - 6:30 - 7!!!  I was amazed that there was a life outside of work!  I actually sat and read and finished another book without falling fast asleep in the upright position! [The history here - I have worked 10 and 11 hour days more days than not or 11 and 12 hour days if you add the commute with no relief in sight.   How depressing is it to leave for work in the dark and arrive home at night in the dark?  But enough negativety!  A tasks that belongs to another department has been reassigned to them! It was moved February 1st and I am catching up.  Seriously this task removed from my list of jobs accounted for 6 to 8 hours every week.  I just feel a sense of being lighter even if the scale does not reflect it.  lol  Yes, if there is a push time, I will stay a night or two or if a deal is settling and my boss needs me, I will stay....but it will be the exception and not the rule.]   

Since last night was Thursday and not Friday as I somehow seemed to think all day, I had my Secret Squirrel Stitchers night but all day since I was off a day I forgot until I looked at the calendar when I got home.    It is so wonderful to finally know and enjoy the company of fellow stitchers.  These ladies are so talented, so knowledgable and so giving.   I sit like a sponge and try to absorb all they know!   So as I rode to Pat's home, I thought about how lucky I was.    I had the windows down since it was absolutely gorgeous.  The colors of the sky were so breathtaking after the weeks of rain we have had and I could hear the frogs (peepers).  I love hearing them because even though the fat robin hopping in the yard is the first sign of spring, the frogs really mean summer is coming too.  

So I drove and I thought,  I have a great life.  My husband truly has become Mr. Wonderful in the last 5 to 7 years.   We had the ugly years, we had the lean years, so it is good.  I have no idea what he did with my real husband but he better not trade places with him.  My bills are paid.  My children are well, employed and making their way in the world.   I have a savings account growing - which for any of you with children at home, this will not happen until they move out!  I have a STABLE Stash! I have all kinds of spring and summer plans for events and travel and I am looking forward to each one. 

My positive and thankful thoughts continued as I worked in the yard today - OMG get the tylenol out now for surely I will need to pop a couple and take a soak tonight.  Mr. Wonderful has made it so much easier now that he helps.  Yard work to me is not work.   I seem to be able to throw al lmy cares away as I rake, and scratch and dig up dandelions.  It is zen like for me and makes me remember my father sitting in the yard tending to a garden.   I made a pact to not overdue and I cleaned up early and I sat on my deck basking in the warm (hot) sun and stitched for a good hour.  I am making greata progress!  Maybe I will even be finished before my guild meeting on Thursday night!!

I do so enjoy being outside, listening to the birds, listening to the water in the pond trickle down the tiny waterfall, seeing the beautiful blue of the sky, seeing all the variety of the color of green - who knew?

Everyone have a great holiday weekend, thanks for reading about my rant earlier on and have a great month of April to come.   Thanks for stopping by!

PS   I will post  pix of my progress on Sunday of my Nan Tyson Euler sampler and my WIP Sewing Room Treasures and maybe even a WIP SB finish I dreamt up while pulling weeds!