Monday, November 29, 2010

Is this crazy talk or what?

I have been reading some of your posts about the Crazy 15 Challenge for 2011.      Why, I ask???   How, I ask??? and again, Why, I ask?    Why would I want to make myself any more stressed or crazy then I am trying to complete all those projects?   How do people stitch that many things and still go to work and clean their houses? and Why 15?   Where'd that number appear from?   Why not 12 - one a month.   I think I am a quick stitcher until I see what some others turn out!  Geez!  I play it off by justifying to myself it is because I go off in too many directions - community groups, volunteer groups, working out at the gym, officer and chairmanship rolls - that each steal precious stitching time and that is without mentioning the dreaded time sucking votex of the internet and the hours at a time never to be recaptured.  Truth is I can be a ding-bat and just kind of forget what I am doing or even why I came in a room.....anyone relate to that one?

I had to chuckle (sorry!!) at Jodie of   where she posted about this challenge.   Jodie is so sweet and so young and doesn't have 15 patterns in her stash pile!  OMG  I must have 10 times 15 in my patterns waiting to be done, many of which are kitted up and I will never ever get to.    I offer one up to Jodie if she tells me what she likes!   I just love to see younger girls take an interest in stitching.   Seriously, Jodie, comment on what you like and if I have it, I'd be glad to send it your way.   Maybe I should say, if a comment were to TURNIP from you......unless you have read Jodie's blog, you won't understand. 

I like a challenge and might have to consider joining especially if I mix it up with some quilting kits and wool workings.......hmmm......I even counted my starts/finishes for 2010 and was surprised to tally up 11, and 10 books I read and that was in the mist of prepping for a wedding!......sounds like I might be leaning towards taking on the challenge........what's the worst that world happen.....more WIP's? ........that is before I spied the current size of my WIP pile! 

The jury is out on this one ladies for me and it will depend if I have time to do a stash search to see what I have that I might fancy stitching in 2011 and if I believe I can be faithful about not doing any doing only minimal STASH ENHANCEMENT in 2011!    I wonder if I have 15 zippered project bags?


Karen said...

I love this idea and just can't pass it up...just too crazy!

Hazel said...

Ha ha they were my thoughts exactly. No I won't be doing this challenge. My life has enough challenges as it is. x

Deb said...

I jumped into this craziness too. But then someone pointed out that you would have about 20+ days per project if you picked 15. I guess I better pick small ones. I like my house to stay clean! LOL

Jodie said...

This post put a HUGE smile on my face this morning! I'm so grateful for your offer, I'll take anything at all! I'm not especially crazy about patterns that focus on the alphabet...but other than that- anything! THANK YOU!!!!! :-)

Ya know, it IS a crazy idea! I have no idea what I'm thinking...I haven't finished 15 projects...EVER, let alone in one year! It'll Hehe. I very strongly feel that you should sign up for this challenge too :-P

Thanks again *BIG SMILE*

Melanie said...

I'm going to divide it up in between knitting (socks) and stitching. Seems much more doable that way for me. :)

Susan said...

Robin, resist!!! You can always start 15 projects later in the year if you whittle down your WIP pile. (Although I will admit I thought about doing this for maybe half a day until I realized that it would be just plain crazy of me.)

Christine said...

I absolutely love this idea and ran right over to sign up. Crazy? Absolutely!