Monday, December 27, 2010

Let it snow!

My new header photo is actually from last year.....too much blowing and drifting going on right now for me to brave the outdoors with a camera.     So glad I have the day off and don't have to think about driving in this blowing and drifting.  My daughter has been forced to stay (oh drat!) an extra day before she attempts to drive what takes her 6 and a half hours on a good trip back to Boston.  In south Jersey, it still looks like it is snowing with all the snow that is blowing.  I expect any minute to see the neighbors cat fly by the window! 

And if not their cat, than maybe I will see penquins on my pool cover before the day is over.
Stay warm all and use the snowbound day to stitch!  Double drat!


Jennifer said...

The storm dumped over 14" on us which made it the 3rd largest storm in our area since they started keeping records. Unfortunately our office hasn't closed for the day. (Who knew that it was necessary to have an accounting office open on a day like this!). So, it looks like I will be engaging the 4WD on the truck sometime this morning!

stitchinfiend said...

What a beautiful picture of the snow. It is summer where I am and we have had nothing but heavy rain over the last 5 days. Love your list of projects for 2011

Catherine said...

We only have a few inches - but with major wind, cold and drifting, it is enough!