Sunday, January 16, 2011

i-Challenge and how I'm doing

I am getting mixed reviews here.   People either love this challenge or think those of us who are doing it are crazy!  I am self-diagnosed as having crafters ADD so it works for me.  I am enjoying looking forward to 'having permission' to work on something different everyday.  All my projects are in the all too familiar mesh bags we all use.  Love them!  If you don't have them, get them.   Just really nice to have.......but again, I am off on a tangent - that ADD thing kicking in. 

So here's my progress - some days you will see there wasn't much time for stitching, but I made the attempt and vowed to put in at least 12 stitches.

i-Challenge X - Really poor showing for LHN Heart of America

i-Challenge Day XI - Eat Drink and Be Scary Waxing Moon Designs

i-Challenge XII - Blessed Beyond Measure - Blue Ribbon Designs

i-Challenge Day XIII - Totally lame start of Just Nan Needle Tweets but vounting the eensy weeny half stitches I did do 12 stitches.

i-Challenge XIV - LNH Chocolate Box - Now this is some progress

i-Challenge XV - Jeannette Douglas - My Stitching Treasures - a favorite I saved til last!
 And so it goes, we get back to the very beginning.  For me, I plan to continue my starting order as my working order.  

I'd be further but I think my WDW Kudzu is on the floor of the Hyatt Regency Princeton


Jan said...

Robin...each project is so pretty...will enjoy seeing you make progress on each of them, both here and @ up for a challenge!;)

Susan said...

I've been enjoying all of your new starts, but better you than me, Robin! I would love to start 'My Stitching Treasures' with you, but I *will* be strong and stick to finishing a few things this year.

Kimmie said...

Mesh bags? What mesh bags? Tell me about mesh bags!!

Love your progress pics by the way....LOL

Pumpkin said...

I've read that a lot of stitchers that are doing this challenge love it. I would have considered it but I had too much on my plate to start with :o)

You're doing very well with your starts. Can't wait to see more!