Saturday, February 19, 2011

Absence makes the hearts grow fonder

Hi all!  been busy busy busy which is evidient by my lack of blogging.   A funny aside, a few people actually noticed I was absent and were curious.   I am ever amazed at the internet and how its tenacles reach the far corners of the world and my blog ends up on the laptop of a little stitcher sitting on her sofa all cozy with a cup of tea and a blanket reading about my spastic life.   I must remember to thank Al Gore for creating the internet.  LOL

So what's up with me......let me give you the brief recipe of my life as it exists currently:

Recipe for creating
  "Every Second Accounted For"
    First factor in lots of work
    Blend a Rate Case/Rate Increase
    Continue process  for 18 month
    Maintain all your other tasks
    Keep the Company's Annual Report work on schedule
    Add constant deadlines and a hyper boss who is mildly freaking
    Remove our Rates Analyst (who moved to South Carolina!!)
    Roll out of work after 10 hours each day
  At home -
    Repeat as above, maintain all your tasks in addition to extras
    Blend in a couple of weekends away (which I live for!!)
    Simmer several non-profit obligations
    Factor in requests to update non-profit's website
    Manage some random dr's/dentist appts.
    Attempt to stitch however briefly
    Reinforce yourself that you are not alone
    Gently squeeze in some Board mtgs and dinners
    Attempt to click your heels and get back to Kansas!

  Set aside and anticipate:
    Wkend in Lancaster at quilt show in March
    Add to datebook retreat info for Ocean City Md - May

  Optional adds:
     Include workouts at the gym
     Add Yoga class if desired
Results - 1 exhausted Robin, serve with wine or a Cosmopolitan, or just pair with chocolate

I admit, many a night I come and I am just totally brain dead and just sit like a turnip on the couch.   It's all good and I keep telling myself a.) I have a job; b.) I have my health; and c.) this won't last forever.
So, that explains my absence and my little stitchie progress........  little meaning there is some.   Stay tuned for more posts and pix of my i-Challenge status.

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Susan said...

Robin, you were missed--both on-line and at the guild meeting. Glad to know it's just life that is getting in the way of your stitching and that all else is well.