Monday, April 18, 2011

Quilting 101

Here's a quick link to the string/strip quilting I posted about.  Such an easy quilt for beginners and such a great way to use of scraps. Yesterday I gave my sister her first quilting lesson - much of which centered on the cutting.  She has sewn for  40 years and is a very crafty sort.  Although cutting is not critical for this quilt, I told her it was best to learn the right way.....don't need to start with bad habits.  I figured she should just learn to do it right.  Well, she enjoyed it so much she was making her shopping list up for a stop at Walmart or Joanne's on the way home to get her very own rotary cutter, magnetic pin holder, more fat quarters, etc.  Before she left, we had on square completed and she had the foundation and strips for another two squares ready to stitch.   These little puppies are addicting to stitch.

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