Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Off to Massachusetts

I spent a long weekend with my daughter's in Massachusetts.   One lives in Philadelphia and the other in Lowell so Philly girl and I try to trek up a couple of times a year.  Oh so much fun and so much laughter and over so quickly.    We crammed so much fun and activity into 4 days and tired out our little New England transplant.   Thursday we arrived in record time and is was fun chatting and catching up.   Friday, we went to the New England Textile Museum.   I've got to hand it to the Massachusetts Arts and Cultural Commission......they have the most awesome museums.    The Textile Museum is a must see.   We grabbed a quick dinner and then off ot Derry New Hampshire to Amy's weekly knitting group.  More laughter til the tears rolled.

On Saturday, Heather and I convinced Amy it was time to move up to a better sewing machine.   Three hours later we walk out with the Husqvarna Sapphire 835.   Oh I want one.   My current machine is a Janome and I have never warmed up to this machine.   I kept thinking it was a learning curve moving from a Singer to the Janome but 5 years later....I am just not feeling it with the Janome.   But I am sidetracked here....more on my machine dilemma in an upcoming post.  We rounded out the day with a trip to an Indian Restaurant.   WOW!  Mine was supposed to be mild.   Hot hot HOT.   But good.  Sunday we went to Old Sturbridge Village - what a nice way to spend the day. Here's my girls......had to take a few since they were not acting serious.

These lovelies were in with the quilting section.

Another Massachusetts treasure and what did I find......in the building with the fire arms display but an excellent collection of needlework items.   In addition, the artisans on site working in the blacksmith shop, the soap making barn, the tinsmith's were all so knowledgeable and professional.   It was a very enjoyable day. 
 Such ashame  I couldn't get better shots through the glass cases.
 This one was awesome.   Enlarged detail below.

 Stitched family record rather than written in the family bible

 One of the things that stood out that I liked about the 'village' was it
was not all manicured.  Rather is looked authentic.


Catherine said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time!

Michele said...

sounds like a wonderful trip!

Kathy said...

It sounds like you and your daughters had a fun and fabulous weekend. The perfect Mother's Day for you. :) Thank you for sharing all the wonderful photos.