Friday, July 29, 2011

Not much stitching going on here

In fact, not much but work going on.   I am under a BIG BIG Big crunch at work and putting in 12 hour days.   Or at least what I count as 12 hour days - if I have an 12 mile commute and I am pulling back into my driveway at night 12 plus hours after I left in the morning - it's what I count as 12 hour day!   Top that with Mr. W on the road again and the pool, the yard, the pond, the cat and everything else falls to me.   Right now the floor of my walk-in closet looks like the floor in a teenager's bedroom.   Oh no!  I am too young to be reverting back to my childhood.  ;p  Not complaining though because I am thankful everyday that I get up, my feet hit the floor, I have a job to go to and a way to get there!   Good thing I love my job and my boss appreciates me.....even though it is making my brain hurt right now - not a headache but a swirl of facts and figures and trying to keep everything in an orderly electronic format on the network as I receive emails from co-workers with their response to the 500 plus data requests I distributed.    Oh and yeah, do my normal work too.  LOL!  I am woman, hear me roar!   The answers are due to the Public Service Commission on the 12th.   (Hmmm- lot's of 12's in my life right now....maybe I need to play the Power Ball and choose 12 as a number.)  Crazy, but last night when I left work - and I was the only one on the floor at 7 p.m. - I could have kept going for a couple more hours.   I mean, when I am there, I am full guns blasting and just get home, I sit on the sofa and crash.   This always gives me a new appreciation of when Mr. W. worked 12-hour shifts.  On his schedule days, he slept and went to work only.   We women don't seem to have that choice.  There are so many other things to do.   Maybe I need a Wife!  I cut the grass - or most of it - in the near dark the other night.  It felt good to do something physical and mindless.   Good thing I got the front and sides done before twilight so the curb appeal is there!  Just don't look in the back yard near the clothesline! 

I did finish my Williamsburg Quaker Pinkeep a couple weeks ago but haven't had the energy to find the camera!  Blogging and stitching are always what ground me and not much progress on any particular project..   I did take a class last weekend with my EGA guild.  It is a Gay Ann Rogers canvas piece - a new thing for me.   Again - pix will follow!!  It is enjoyable and I have been taking it to work to steal 15 minutes at lunch time after wolfing down my salad.   It gives me 15 minutes to rest my head and calm my thoughts to be able to stitch a few minutes.  I really feel sorry for those who don't stitch or have a hobby to immerse themselves into and recharge themselves and still laugh to myself when the comments tend to go the way of needlework getting on an observers nerves.   

Hope everyone stays cool with the next approaching heatwave.  You will find me with a margarita in hand, on a raft, floating (maybe sleeping) in the pool much of the weekend.   One thing I learned from the last major push at work - do not log in remotely from home and work from home - it makes for 16 hour days and then there is really no down time and that is no good.  That's when I really get out of sorts and resentful.  Remembering all work and no play makes for a really crabby Robin! 

Stay cool all and I will get some photos up this weekend.


Catherine said...

Phew! I'm tired just reading about your days! Enjoy your weekend!

Denise said...

You have a good attitude. Enjoy the weekend and don't drive yourself nuts with the housework!

Siobhan said...

Urgh, sorry to hear things are so busy with work! I'm glad you're able to decompress with stitching and reading. Have a margarita (or three) for me. ;) Enjoy your weekend!

diamondc said...

Robin I hear you about work I am in the same situation sometimes i do work at home and the days seem to melt into each other I am so thankful for my hours on the road which seem to be few as of late you hang in there and keep up the stitching, it is so relaxing.
I will be in the hottub tonight with a margarita we turn down the temp and it is very cool water we have been in the 85 to 95s as of late.
Happy stitching

Christine said...

Glad you're getting a break this weekend. And it's so true about getting at least a tiny amount of stitching in at night. I swear I'm a much more calm person for it the next day!

Lillie said...

I could relate to this! LOL

Take care !