Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Find

My girls and I hung out together in Philly for a couple of days. Staying over at Heather's - my eldest - is always the best. Much laughter, good food, good times. We did some shop hopping at fabric stores, etc. We scouted out a consignment shop and I found a goodie.
  This all wooden table will be a new plant stand. I haven't decided if I will refinish it or shabby chic it with some Williamsburg blue paint. A little rearranging will need to be done once the holiday decor comes down but I am feeling it could be a new home to my orchids.   Best thing is that is was only $24.00!!!


Deb said...

I loe your new find! I think $24 is an excellent price!!

cucki said...

very lovely find..
love for you
have fun
cucki xx

Catherine said...

Great find!!

Anonymous said...

Yaski who ha

Sarah Lampesalot said...

I love it!!! So fun to find something unique... and at such a great price!!!!

Joysze said...

Great looking table for such a nice price, Robin. The orchids are fabulous.