Saturday, October 27, 2012

An Actual Stitching Post

I am just inside from securing anything that could become a projectile when Hurricane Sandy arrives.   Everything looks bare with the garden flag, wind chimes and Halloween decorations, etc. down but is for the best if we get what they are predicting for the Delaware/New Jersey area.  I think I will roast a chicken today so in the event I am without power for a few days we will have something to eat.  Also going to boil some eggs too.....always can make egg salad a bit at a time.  I don't mean to sound gloom and doom or sound like I am super prepared having been through an event like this before.  Just trying to think ahead.
Managed to slip one more vacation picture in.   This was taken by
John of John Lack Photography, of Roanoke, VA.   It is the stars
at night from the scenic overlook just down from our hotel in Little
Switzerland.  He had a much better camera and directed us to his
Facebook page to find where he would post the pictures after he was
home.   He does amazing things with lighting.  Thanks John!
Thank my lucky stars above, I have been fortunate to have escaped with only branches and leaves and a side-yard lake in the past.....but this storm ..... either I am getting old or more nervous but I think this could be the one to wallop us.   To be forewarned is to be prepared...or something like that.  On to stitching ...... I worked on something different on the drive home from vacation.   I have found since I switched from Aida to linen, I can no longer stitch while riding in the car.....or maybe it is the fact I need cheaters now.   Whichever it is, I tried some embroidery - simple back stitch and stem stitches while riding home from New Market VA to home.   To my surprise, I was able to stitch a lot without getting a headache or car sick.  I also a tried a new method on this fabric.   A vendor at a quilt show last year told us about this.   After transferring the design to the fabric, I colored it with Crayola crayons (I would guess any crayon would work.) Next, I took a clean piece of white paper and used it as a pressing cloth and pressed the fabric.   EZ-PZ

The pattern is from By My Hand and is part of the Season by Season Stitchery Collection, Fall #SBS3
The result is the wax melts into the fabric and I was ready to do my outline stitches.   I did the stem stitch around the pumpkins and then realized it was to all be back stitched.
I decided to leave them as they are.  I was not about to tempt my good fortune and 'frog' while riding in the car.  Not too sure what this guy will be when he is finished, but I am enjoying a journey back to my beginning routes of stitching.


cucki said...

Beautiful stitching xxx

Anonymous said...

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