Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bermuda, Part 3

OK, last bit of boring vacation photos.  I zigged when I should have zagged.   I wanted to take the Hidden Gems of Bermuda Excursion but it could only be booked onboard ship and not on the internet prior to your cruise.  We tried to book it shortly after boarding the ship but were told we couldn't until after the mandatory lifeboat drill.  After the lifeboat drill we went up to the pool deck, had a drink and watched the ship leave port and start to sail down the Chesapeake Bay.  When we returned to book our tour an hour or so later, it was sold out.   I was so disappointed.    

Instead of the Hidden Gems excursion we when out on our own to tour Bermuda.  We got the one day travel pass for $19 dollars for unlimited ferry and bus travel for the day and we traveled the islands.  I had my trusty camera in my tote bag only to pull it out of my bag and the little battery compartment was open.   Yep, left it on the charger in my stateroom.   Soooooo my ferry ride from King's Wharf to Hamilton and all the other touring of the day is without photos.      We shopped in Hamilton, went to the Bermuda Underwater Institute, lunched at the Swizzle Inn, saw Gibb's Lighthouse, swam in Horseshoe Bay and crossed over the tiniest drawbridge in the world.  This is a two lane draw bridge that when opened the distance between the two sides is about 12 inches - big enough for a sailboat mast!  I added links to some of the places we stopped. 

Clock Tower at Kings Wharf

Zooming in on the Clock Tower.  

Calico Jack's - Hop on board for a drink or a swim.   You could walk the plank if you wanted.

Surprising number of tug boats but I guess they are needed to bring in the ships thru the reefs

Wishing Arc - Supposed to be good luck for couples to kiss under the arch

Mr. Wonderful needs to buy a boat so we can sail away to paradise

Part of the fort.

 Another adventure I know better not to try.   Ride a Segway! I'd be over the edge.

Bye Bye Bermuda.   I WILL be back

Look at that water shimmer in the sunshine

The Promenade on the ship.   I favorite place to sip coffee or 
another beverage and stitch or read, walk, enjoy the sunrise or sunset.

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