2015 Finishes

2015 Finishes

Prairie  School 1990 Santa, February

La-D-Da Name Tag.  February 2015.

Happy Easter, SamSarah Designs finished finished.   February 2015

Tool Caddy, April

Solar Chandelier.  June 2015.

Pine Mountain - July 2015.

Pine Mountain Liberty Typography - July 2015.

Hands on Designs/Square-logy/Sewing Hands - August 2015.

EGA's Pining to Stitch/Pin Keep - September

EGA's Pining to Stitch/Scissors Sheath - September

Woolen Pumpkin. October 2015.

Woolen Pear, Just Another Button Company.   October 2015.

Hands on Design Pins and Needles Books.   October 2015 

Hands on Design, Scissors Fob.  October 2015.

EGA's Pining to Stitch/Biscournu - October

Acorn for Andrew.   November 2015.

Quilting Pins - row markers.  November 2015.

Girls of the Guild from the Purple Thread.  December 2015.

EGA Meeting Crewel Project.  Stitched December 2015

Little birdie pin pillow.   Stitched December 2015, finished January 2016

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