2016 Finishes

Stitched a couple of years ago
Heartstrings Santa by Pat Thode
Finishing,  completely, January 2016

Stitched in 2012
Jingle All the Way by Scarlet House
Finishing completed in January 2016
William loved the bell on the pillow.

Stitched February 2015
Prairie Schooler 20   Santa
Finishing completed in  January 2016
Pic to come

Little Birdie Pin Pillow
Stitched December 2015
Finishing completed in January 2016
Pic to come

EGA Crewel Project
Stitched December 2015
Finishing completed in February 2016
Pic to come

My Stitching Treasures
Jeannette Douglas
Stitched April 2016
Pic to come

Master William's quilt
Top stitched in 2015
Quilted in May 2016

May 2016
William's Quilt from the squares colored by guests at the baby shower.

June 2016
Lizzie Kate's Things Unseen Mystery Sampler

July 2016
Bargello Pincushion, Jeannette Douglas

August 2016
Soap Box Sam, Bent Creek

August 2016
"July Cottage"  Little House

September 2016
EGA Pattern Pining to Stitch set 
October 2016
Random Thoughts by Drawn Thread

October 2016
Quilt for Roxanna

November 2016
Heartstrings Boo to You Witch by Pat Thode

December 2016
La-D-Da's Miss Mary Mack
Pic to come

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