Friday, July 24, 2015

Stitch from Stash - July

My first Stitch from Stash post.

For the month of July

Monthly allowance           $25.00
Amount spent                     $0.00
Credit for finish                  $8.00
Amount to carry forward  $33.00

So I get it, this Stitch from Stash may not be for everyone.  But face it, many of us use a different mind game as an "incentive" or "trick" to get the stitches done.  You may save a favorite project for Sunday's or do the crazy start January Challenge as a stash buster.  I admit to doing each!  I am at a point in my life that I have enough disposable income I could could buy until I could open my own store!!  Time to reign me in!  Realistically I need to reduce the S.T.A.B.L.E. Stash that I possess therefore, a litte trickery with Stitch from Stash!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Them There Are Fighting Words

 Last year everything was moved out of the living room....this year everything is in the living room!
Of course I am at it again......Mr. W. is away so I am in construction mode.   I am having some damage fixed from a leak in the roof and my dining room painted....which is the room where the leak was (fingers crossed it is fixed)  Anyway my friendly small job contractor, who I have known forever, came by to go over 'my list' so he can give me an estimate.   Along with painting the dining room, I  ask him for an estimate paint my front door and shutters.   So here's what he and his buddy say to me.......

Little Buddy - "You can save a couple of bucks if take the shutters off and power wash them yourself."
My soon to be ex-friend says "Oh Lord if we have to wait for her to get around to it, we will never paint the shutters.  Besides she won't mark them and we won't know which window they go back on."

I believe this is about the time he saw the look on my face and he tells his little buddy .........this is one busy lady and she has so much going on.....really?   Schmuck!  Too bad he does all the jobs too small for the regular contractor and does nice work at a good price.   Might be a good idea to work on his customer service skills!

Well the worse thing you can say to me is to tell me I can't accomplish something because I am going to go down trying.   What do guys think?   That women sit around and eat bon-bons all day?   That I am afraid to grab a screwdriver and climb the ladder for fear of breaking a nail?  Maybe I am understanding why Mr. M. has a couple of ex-wives......hmmmm, makes you wonder.   I may have lost some of my stream over the years but I still have enough to empty a room and to remove shutters!  So less than 24 hours later, the dining room is emptied except for the antique china closet which I concede I cannot do alone.   The curtains, curtain rods, blinds and all the outlet covers have been removed. 

This morning I am out the door to grab the ladder and take all the shutters down, which will be labeled for rehanging.   Probably all of this before Mr. Murphy gets back to me with an estimate!   Wow little old helpless me did all that, meet friends for dinner, attended a cookout, worked fulltime and even have a needlework finish to share.   Men!   They can multi-task.    I kind of left him a voicemail to the effect that  the house is prepped and I am the one waiting on him.  Oops!  He'd better be the one to hurry now so this can be done and the room restored before it is my turn to host needlework!

Here's my finish for this week.  I may have missed the 4th but as least this didn't end up in the WIP basket and I have a head start on next year.

This is Pine Mountain's Liberty Typography.   Everything you need but the pillow form in the kit.   I may need to re-do the pennants.   I stitched one of these previously and the pennants were felt.   These are wool and even though I used iron on interfacing, these little pieces wanted to shred as they were stitched.

  Happy week to everyone!  Stitch on!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Enjoying the view

Hi folks.....been a couple of weeks..... bear with me as I recount my comings and goings and doings....

I had to get a new windshield......nasty rock kicked up by a truck.   The claims rep. wanted to know if I got the tag and name of the driver.....ummmm, at 65 mph on the, I didn't.  Maybe next time.

This is my view most weekends and evenings and I am enjoying the results of my labors for sure.   Now let's not look too close for I could spend a bit of time pulling a weed here or there.  But I am mellowing and finding that the need to have every blade of grass and every ounce of mulch pristine is over-rated and not noticed by anyone but me.

Don't mind the scratched up post.   It is Buddy's scratching place.   Better than the furniture!
Fern really coming back better than before since being repotted.  
Deck planters are filling out and in full bloom.

View from inside the pool.  Weekends can be rough!
Color, color, color

I got my hair cut cut cut.   I had managed to get it all one length and down to my shoulders.  But BAM!  my hair is so thick and it was so hot.   I miss how nice if felt to run my fingers through how soft and silky it was.   My new cut requires 'products' so I don't have that silky feel anymore.   My ideal cut would be cute, short and gray like Jamie Lee Curtis but lets just say we don't share the same bone structure and leave it at that.

Birthday Girl Photo Bombs when I take a pix of Tessa.
Enjoyed a great 4th of July as we celebrated a big birthday for my eldest daughter.  My normal 4th is usually just me enjoying the pool but not this year.   My daughter invited four-score and 6 friends to a picnic in Thompson Park for her birthday!  We were so busy with ladder golf and bocce and water balloon tosses  and sidewalk chalk and smores that I didn't take but a half dozen pictures.   Good food, music and great fun.

Griffin didn't want to wait until dad Martin moved through the food line so he grabbed a fork and just dug in.

I didn't manage to finish up the Red-White-Blue Pine Mountain piece but I am close.   Maybe by the end of the day today.    

Of course a finish is not the only thing that dictates a new start....I suddenly realized I didn't have one finish for 2015.   This is what happens when you are working on a SAL and a BAP!   So I got a bit antsy and needed a little something something for that instant gratification.

I started ANOTHER small project.   This is a square-ology design from Hands On Design.  

It's a neat concept.   One design.....stitch and rotate 90 degrees and stitch again.

For my SAL, I should have completed this row for this month's meeting but alas, I strayed.   No worries, I plan to be back on track by August.

I haven't even touched Cornwall Cottage from Rosewood Manor!  But I am sure it will be waiting on the stand when I am ready to get back to it.

Yesterday I watched a Mama Robin feed her babies.  I fear feathers or fur are going to fly before these little ones leave the nest.   Yes, Buddy, is in endless pursuit.   He has been swooped upon more than once.
 Buddy is cowering under the bench right about now.

 Going to harvest some kale and try my hand at making kale chips.  

Absolutely have to have prism reflections on the bottom of the pool.

Taking my cue from the garden gnome! 

 Enjoy your day and week wherever it takes you and whatever it brings your way.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Stitching from Stash

Over the last year or so I have been seeing others posts their "stitch from stash" progress and have had my interest piqued.   I wandered over to Epic Stitching and read up on the rules and rewards.   I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I didn't have to wait until January to join up.  Mel is having a half year enrollment.   How's it work?   You have a 'budget' you pledge to stick to and honestly report what you spent on needlework supplies each month.    You use a $25.00 monthly allowance (your money) and deduct what is spent on supplies each month carrying over any 'left-over' money to the next month.  Framing, needles, q-snaps and the like are exempt from reporting.   You must post by the 28th of each month on your buying and stitching for the month.  There are 'points' to be earned for work completed each month which convert to adding more $$ to your virtual budget.   Non-bloggers can enrolled via email.   So I signed up effective July 1st. I hope I will be diligent with posting my monthly progress and be even more diligent with staying on 'budget'.    This could be a win hopping with other participants to see their work, stash reduction and preparing for fixed income of retirement!  (which is still a couple years out).   I'd better build up that bank of $$ before I hit Salty Yarns in OCMD in October!  That could be a painful reporting month considering my past spending amounts!

Here is what I decided on to give me my red, white and blue fix......of course a decision really couldn't be narrowed down.    I found these three in my stash, each was already kitted and on my radar to be done.   I quickly stitched up this Pine Mountain - July Expressions.   These are the best for being a little project to carry along and do at lunch time.   It took a few stitches to get used to Aida instead of linen but the trade off is no need for cheaters!

One down and next up....

....this other quickie - July Typography by Pine Mountain.   Not sure about the rest of you fellow stitchers but I for one am filling up my wall space.  I am liking stitching up holiday themed pieces that can be rotated out through the year.  Hopefully this can be completed by the 4th.  I hosting a big  birthday bash for my daughter on the 4th and these will be the perfect accents to the decorations.

Finally finished "To Kill a Mockingbird"and absolutely loved the book.   Just like Steel Magnolias, The Bodyguard, JFK and Pretty Woman are movies I watch over and over, this is a book I will reread.  Picked up and read "The Best of Me" by Nicholas Sparks in about three days.  Still dealing with this nasty annoying Achilles issue but I am actually experiencing some occasional pain free time but still no treadmill or extensive walking.   Oh it is hell to get old!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week all!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


See that big beautiful oak tree covered in snow....

 This is tonight after a ferocious line of storms came through.    Somewhere under that mess is my wheelbarrow.  This giant of a tree took a few other trees with it as it fell.  

 I took this from the front yard one winter morning at sunrise a few years ago and you can see the tree towering over the house.   It must have been 60 to 70 feet tall.

And just a few weeks ago when I was 'hosting' the bees, Mighty Mr. Oak was there.  

This photo is from almost the same position tonight.  

 Before/above and after/below
 That horizontal piece on the 4 by 4 archway is probably 6 1/2 feet high.

We were so fortunate.   I have never experienced a storm like tonight's.   Hopefully all my friends have faired well too.   I am seeing on FB some are without power and trees are down all over the community.    For me, I am thankful that myself and my neighbors, no one was hurt.   We lost a bit of siding  and the deck chairs are in the pool but all is well.   I just stepped outside a few minutes ago and all I could hear was chain saws.   I texted my children and told them about the oak tree and my eldest's comment will we find out way home now.   When they were small and would get lost in the 10 acre field behind our property I told them just find the tallest tree and that was home.   They will all be traveling home for the Fourth of July and it will be a shocker for them to see in person.  My backyard is going to be shaking in baking this summer without the shade of the oak.....and possibly a few less squirrels.......hmmmmm, that could be a plus.  

Saturday, June 13, 2015

I'll Keep You Posted

Oh boy......I am feeling like I need to start something Red-White and Blue.   I know I have some different americana designs kitted up.     I know I should refrain.   Hmmmm, I wonder if I have the will power.   Crap!  I have one BAP and one SAL and am expecting some pre-stitching for an October class and then there is Lizzie Kate that is so close to the finish line.   Why does this happen?  So long stitching on something, frustration hits when you have to frog or I get bored I guess.   Variety is the spice of life, right?  Film at 11 people.....maybe literally if I choose a new start!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Hey! It's Actually Worked!

As so often I have these brainstorms which once completed resemble the mess of palm fronds and driftwood after a hurricane.   But this time it came together exactly (almost) as planned.

First I did mega consignment shopping this weekend.   I usually hit my favorite shop once a month and was ever so surprised to pull up to a yard sale in the parking lot as well as deep discounts on the booths inside.

Here's my loot.

Above, a collection of things, including the $2 chandelier which I have plans for!

The seller didn't know anything about the stitcher.   I am such a sucker when thinking of the time and effort the stitcher put into her work.  For $2 I couldn't go wrong.

Liberty sign marked $3, reduced to $1 because I hesitated. And some fat quarters of fabric ranging from $0.75 to $1.50.

Red, White & Blue basket with two Americana hand towels, $4, Watermelon slices, $1 each, $1 silk flag scarf,  and NIB Lenox Snowflake candle jar.  This will be a Christmas present for a friend who will be told where I got it and she will be proud of my shopping prowess!

 My splurge, $20 for this strawberry tote.   I can see this with so many uses.   First up will be picnic plates, napkins and plasticware!
 $1 silk scarf went right out to become a bow on my door decoration.

 The sampler found a quick home on top of my J. P. Coats and Clark cabinet.  I think I will have to wrap that blaring white easel with a piece of grosgrain or bias tape so as to not be jumping out at me!

So on to my plans......
I took the $2 chandelier, removed the wiring, cleaned with steel wool and then spray painted.  At this point if my plans fail I can always make this into a spider for Halloween!

  I bought a can of spray paint for $3.57 and 5 stake style solar lights at $0.97 each.

I took apart the solar stake-style lights and filed down the bases of the lenses.  

 I used my glue gun to secure the lens in place and hung the lamp!    

I wanted this off a wrought iron hook mounted on the house to hang over my round deck table but Mr. W. had some thoughts on that.   Not to be dissuaded, I pulled out a plant hook and hung this gem from my pergola.   For under $12 and under an hour's worth of time (not counting drying time for the paint), I created a little more ambience for my outside room!  Can't wait to see how it looks tonight.  It won't be bright enough to stitch from but I sure can drink a glass of sangria by it!

As always, all photos are clickable for larger filmstrip view.   Thanks for stopping by and have a great week full of stitching, family and friends!