Sunday, July 28, 2013


I had a question about my last post......Nancy in NY asked me about the needle keep I had in one of the photos........
Here you go.   This is a Needle Park Avenue.  Not sure if I bought it at a trade show or online or a shop.  

 You are supposed to be able to write-on and wipe-off the symbols.    
Hmm......I had to resort to using a post-it to mark with the current symbols.

You secure it in place with the magnet back.

My needles are loaded and ready.

My friends know I am all about gadgets......don't even invite me to a Pampered Chef Party I just may win the game they play about who owns the gadget! I am discriminating though, is has to be useful.  I really need to know I am going to give it the college try to make it a favorite.  And I just don't buy it because it is just something pretty to look at.  

Isn't it always about having the right tools?   The right tools make the job easier.    That's my story and I'm sticking to it!  Do you have a special tool or gadget you use?

Teeny Tiny Progress

I've been stitching but the going is slow.
I calculate that once I finish the numbers out to under the letter "M" as well as the red band under them, I will be 1/12 complete!  Next up I will continue the top border and the rest of the alphabet as my focus area.  Oh joy, more four-sided stitching.  I might have to relook at the pattern to see if there is more further down the sampler.
The other gals stitching along with this have lamented about the four-sided stitch taking so long.......What?   A four-sided stitch is simple.  I didn't get it until I started doing the four-sided stitch.   The stitch in itself is not difficult however, what was Grace thinking with soooooo much four-sided stitching!
I am pleased so far.   I think it will be neat to photograph all the samplers together when all seven of us are completed.   Sorry girls, but at this rate, it won't be until next summer for me!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Stitching Progress

Not much stitching going on here.  We are suffering from the heat wave that has the east coast in its hold and quite frankly, I come home and jump in the pool each night and let the cool water ease the tension of the day.  This heat has surely taken the starch out of me.

 Progress on my Jeannette Douglas class the bunting.

 Not a whole lot to show here either but slow and steady wins the race.  Good thing, I am not as overwhelmed (so far) with these piece as I feared.
I am enjoying the differences in these two and it makes it an easy transition to change from one to the other.  For now, both are 'parked' until this evening and whichever strikes from fancy at that time.   Seems we might we getting a break in the weather a bit and I sure need to tidy up my craft room, weed my flower beds and maybe I should consider vacuuming the pool instead of cooling off by lounging on a float.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

That does it. I need a cat!

When I returned home last weekend I found find yet another animal invasion!    All my fish in my pond ARE GONE!   I texted Mr. Wonderful who was home during the week I was away.....

"Where's the fish?"  
His reply:   "A bird swooped in and got them one at a time."

Some persistent bird.  Probably the red tailed hawk seen a few weeks ago or the blue heron that was circling overhead just the weekend before last.    T

There were 10 fish that have lived in my pond for more than a decade hibernating and wintering just fine.  Even Bubba the oldest and biggest fish (no fish story - he was 10 to 12 inches long) is gone.


Cat shopping will commence shortly! Maybe I will get a Savannah and keep everyone in place!  Next spring it will be back to Walmart for some more hearty $1.99 goldfish.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Come on over and sit a spell!

 Painted rug complete.....

All ready....just pull up a chair and a tall glass of something cold.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


The old guy's still got it......I was treated to dinner and a show by friends tonight.   We saw Frankie Valli and the Four of the original Jersey Boys.....WOW, 79 years old and he performed for two hours straight.   It was a great show and a great evening.....thanks Diane and Tom!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Stitchers Hideaway

What a great time we had.   A stitching pal, Pat, and I went to Massachusetts on Monday stopping in White Plains so we could enjoy a lunch at P. F. Changs - a favorite stop my daughter and I often make on our way through New York.  We arrived in Sturbridge, checked in and got the lay of the land.

We stayed at the Publick House Inn, Sturbridge.   A really neat inn dating back to 1771, with sloping floors, old beams, great food and resident ghosts!
 I love old settings and wondering who has walked in the very same footsteps as I do today.

 The grounds were very pretty and meticulously kept.

Tuesday we headed over to Brimfield, Mass which just happen to be hosting the largest antique flea market in New England.  Here's what I got......
Starting at the upper left, a pretty pair of German scissors, then to the right, a little pair made in the USA and very first pair of Dovos!   I 've never bought expensive scissors just the little enameled ones you find at the check out counter for $3.99.....Pat gifted me with the Dovos (from Thistle Stitchery) as a thank you for driving...and they are left handed!  So unnecessary and so wonderful.    I may be spoiled from this point on and only want Dovos!

And I treated myself to this little bit of a shiny bracelet from the Flea Market.  I just fancied it and justified it as an early birthday present.

Our class started on Wednesday.   We arrived to the classroom area early and sat with our iPads reading waiting for the class to start.  

What waits behind this door?    
Two days of great fun and fellowship and stitching!  I had a class before with Jeannette Douglas at Celebrations in Nashua, NH a few years ago and remembered how great she was.   She didn't disappoint this time.   Jeannette designed the class piece just for us!   How special.


 She uses the most awesome fibers all Gloriana or Belle Soie.   Yum!

To say some of the ladies really got into it would be an understatement.   The California girls even painted their toe nails red, white and blue.  They arrived with glitter, sparkle headbands, and patriotic themed everything.  They made matching red, white and blue bags which featured an american flag on one side and a canadian flag on the other side.   See below right where one is hanging on the back of one of the chairs.   These girls were clever!

Here's Sue - California Girls had glitz for Sue too - she did a fabulous job covering every detail, making everyone feel welcomed, arranging a great menu and having TONS of give-a-ways.
The last half of the second day, Jeannette took time to sit with us in groups of 3 and 4 to share finishing techniques.  Those are the California Girls....and some of their glitz.

 Sue and Jeannette are showing off their  (rub-on) "tats".

 Some of the goodies!    The little freedom pillow is what I got in the smalls exchange.   Too cute!  Oops!  I didn't get a photo of all the great smalls that were exchanged.

 Just some of the giveaways I got.  Chart after chart!
More giveaway goodies! And there was more.

On Friday we were going to go to Olde Sturbridge Village but decided to visit from local shops that some of our classmates spoke about and support the economy one store at a time.  It was our patriotic duty after all.

 I picked up these fat quarters and this Halloween fabric to add to my stash on Quilting by the Yard in Vernon, CT.

At Thistle Stitchery in Glastonbury CT I picked up 5 of the 6 Snowbelles, fabric and floss.   Since it was a 20% off sale, I got myself a Ott light too!  

 Here's my progress so far on my class piece.   I am loving the bunting!   Did you know they don't have bunting in Canada?  Jeannette shared that fact and so many other little anecdotes and quips and stories over the two days.   She showed us a sampler she has designed for a class she will teach in the Netherlands in 2014.....I can't wait until she releases it for general sales.   Having Dutch heritage, I feel drawn to have to do it!   It was really a pleasure having a class with Jeannette.  She was so genuine, friendly, helpful and fun to be with.   She has a great laugh.

 I'll leave you with this parting shot.   These pecan sweet rolls are to die for.   I bought a dozen to take into work on Monday.  I personally refuse to get on the scale after all the sumptuous food we had.   Why do we struggle for 6 weeks to loose 5 lbs only to put in on again in 5 days?  

I will ponder that injustice time to stitch on some bunting!