Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Good Old Switcheroo!

In more ways then one.      I am like a child that will do anything to get out of doing what I have on my list to do.   Take today.... I should have typed up minutes and financial reports, I should have started work on the final report on my non-profit grant, I should have done some yard work.....but what did I  do,  I played around in my crafting room.

Before we got started, Heather gave Buddy a little one-on-one time.  Buddy really was much happier than he appears as he let Heather give him some loving this morning before we headed upstairs.   We are really enjoying him.   He is very social and friendly.   He just loves having a fuss made over him.

So this is the end result of one room.  Not only did I rearrange, I switched the furniture from one room to the other.   What was I thinking?

This was my craft room just this morning.   I am happy with the way it turned out.   Hopefully Mr. W. and I will be getting a new bed soon and our old bed will come up here  and mean no more air mattress for holiday and weekend visitors.

Now the other and much bigger room.    This is my view when I come up the stairs to the hall.    Just one look in here and I can already feel the creativity starting.  You can't distinguish what is on the Expedit but I know what awaits me.

Everything I need to be creative, all sorted and labeled.  (which it already was,  we just slid it into place and dusted it.)

(New lampshade on my list!)
New fabbies waiting to be used.

Random spools waiting to be put away.

It was no small feat to get my island from one bedroom to the other.   We took off the top and the caps on the legs.  At one point, had this puppy wedged in the hallway and door in mid-air.  A little pushing and a bit of woodwork scraped and Heather and I got it in there.   She thought it was quite funny that I was 'trapped' in the bedroom and felt no need to be quick about helping me remedy the situation.  This resulted in her need to post yet another dingbat thing I have done to all her twitter friends.   Apparently my escapades and my fracturing of the English language with my non-words have made me an urban legend with her friends.

My rulers and scissors all within reach.

It was so great this afternoon to lay out some fabrics and trims for some smalls and a wall hanging I am working on.  

 Moved my shelf from one room to the other.  My trims and 
ribbons are all handy when I need them.

 It's amazing what a girl with tools can do when she puts her mind to it.

 I did manage to get a few fall decorations up between last weekend and this.   Three tubs of more pumpkins and Halloween stuff sit waiting for me spend the evening with them.  This is a new smaller tree I picked up on a trip to Lancaster.  

 I like little 'pops' of decorations like this mesh leave hanging on the top of the ladder back chair.

 I filled the scale with orange Christmas balls.    

I like the sparkle!

And finally, some stitching to share.    I am pleased with the progress I have make on Grace Mason.   I've turned the corner.    I feel I should take this on retreat with me next weekend but it is on such a large scroll frame I can't decide. 

 I think when I complete this section all the way to the right, I will be 1/4 of the way done!  
There are seven of us doing this.   Barb brought her completed and framed piece
 to stitching group this week and I am really motivated to kept stitching on this.  

I should try to get a photo of all of us with our finished and framed samplers when we 
are all done.   I think that would be pretty cool.   But at my speed and tendency to go 
astray, that could be awhile!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Pumpkins for Cathey

This post goes out to wish Cathey a HaPPy BloGoVErSaRy!

Hop on over to Cathey's blog, Pumpkin Patch & Co.,  and wish her a Happy Blogoversary!   In addition to be a great stitcher, great wife and mom, she has drive, determination and unbelievable spirit.   See Daffycat's post for more information about Cathey.  These pumpkins are for you Cathey along with congrats on your blogoversary.

We bloggers are there for each other.   And we crafters just get each other.   Put that together and we are just awesome.

Let's our sent prayers to Cathey for her fight against cancer.  

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mojo is on it's way back.....I can feel it

This is my stitching tote that I use to carry all my tools and necessities to stitching night or to a guild meeting.  I like the way it stands up, it is compact, doesn't take up a ton of table space and it fits nicely inside my larger tote.

At the quilt show I bought some fat quarters that I plan to use to make some accessories.   Now I am not a girlie girl with nails done at all times and who never puts her hands in the dirt but I am a matchie-matchie type girl so I need to change out the needlebook and accessories I have inside the tote.

I want to use some new fat quarters to make a needle book and a strawberry pin cushion and an ort container.  Hopefully I can zip these up lickity split and get that mojo back in the right place.
It all started with our most recent class at EGA.   Caryl put a floss tag challenge out there.    I decided to do my first name initial and hang it on my bag since several of us have the same stitching tote.  

I first got these fabs but they weren't quite doing it for me

.....then as I was heading out of the show, I remember one last aisle that I meant to make sure I visited on the way out.    That's were I found these beauties and I can feel my creative ideas  swirling about in my head.
 My initial I stitched for the floss tag, I think now, it will be incorporated into my needlebook.

Here's some of my other purchases.   Oh I do have a S.T.A.B.L.E stash for sure. Stash Totaling Above and  Beyond Life Expectancy ;-)   I even managed a couple of Christmas present purchases which I can't show here but I know are perfect for the recipients.  I  picked up these gems.   I have a Halloween stitch that needs finishing and I think these will do the trick.  Those are little spiders on the purple piece on the bottom.

And this table runner and am quite ready to confess it won't be ready for THIS Thanksgiving.

 Debated but decided to get the kit with all the sumptuous wool selections.

The best part of the show was I was only about 15 vendors in of the over 200 vendors but who do I find?   My daughter.   We each had driven an hour from different directions and neither knew the other was going.   How cool is that?   I am so luck to have daughters who love crafting just me!  Of course, we laughed and shopped and shared a table and refreshments together.   I am so glad I decided to go and now I know the reason for the wrong turn I made along the way that added 15 minutes to my arrival put me in that booth at just the same time Heather was there.  Things happen for a reason.

Now I am off to change out summer and fall flowers, stow the furniture on the deck, box and bag up more Goodwill stuff, and just in general get some household stuff done so I can stitch and craft the evening away....I feel it.....the mojo is back!

Retail Therapy Jumpstart

My retail therapy at the quilt show this weekend might have helped me get my mojo back.   It was an hour drive to the convention center with the sun roof open,  the radio up and blue sky above me. As I drove  I ran threw what could be causing my mental block with crafting......I came up with I am just working on the wrong project!  Simple as that.   We all know that you've got to feel that project or it just isn't happening.  I do have Grace Mason but it is my BAP and I was trying to decide on a smaller take along project isn't cutting it.

I do have a little big more done but this is my latest picture.   With the way I have the pattern folded for view, it is in 16 sections.  This is two sections of the  pattern.   Two down and 14 to go.   This is going to be my mainstay over the winter.

I always start a new project as a reward when I go on retreat.   Since retreat is in two weeks, I didn't want to start something new and have yet another UFO.  And after my 'sorting' and the ever so harsh reality of sooo many UFO's I thought I would tackle completing a few of my UFO's.  But alas, there is a reason they are UFO's.....I lost interest, tastes change, mistakes have been made so I just am not feeling it with any of them.   I was looking for some instant gratification type work by trying to complete a little Christmas in July ornie that I have frogged more times than I care to count.  

It looked so cute at the meeting but looking at this black and white rendition of the pattern has been frustrating.   It took me about a week of being frustrated and then I had my Ah-Ha moment and looked and found  a color pix on the internet.  Still not feeling it so that's what happened to my mojo.

Just some of my cheaters!
The other deterring factor in my stitching is my glasses.   I have been to the eye doctors three times in three weeks for new glasses.   I decided to again try contacts but we are having a problem finding just the right ones for me.  Hard to do when you need bi-focals.
I think I will just go back this week and order new frames with updated progressive lenses.

So for now, I will work on Grace Mason and just not have a project for lunchtime at work....

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Has anyone seen

My missing mojo?  Kind of in a slump here.  No stitching or crafting or creating to report.  Worse yet, no motivation.  Hmmmm,  maybe it is due to not much sleep because Buddy likes to sleep on my head!   Think I will head out to Philly and a quilt show today to get those creative juices flowing and the crafting back in motion.  Hopefully I will have some stitching or sewing to report soon.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


I think I may have mastered the art of getting side tracked to the Olympic level.   Take this past weekend....started sorting the magazines on my coffee table, then to a journey through my WIP's, which lead  to putting away random floss and overall organizing of my flosses, somehow I got into my quilting fabrics, which morphed into cleaning closets.   By mid-day, I think I have 5 different projects going with none near completion.  It all started because I wanted to create a 'shopping list' for my upcoming retreat at the beach.  End result, while in the midst I had a mell of a hess going on, I did manage to sort, clean and organize several craft related areas and did a good cleaning of the entire upstairs.

Since I finished my Jeannette Douglas class piece I have done almost no stitching.  But my little sorting exercise has put the reminder forefront in my mind - way to many works in progress.   Some needed missing floss, some are from Christmas in July, some just need a few days or stitches or an embellishment or I have a path forward.

I seem to have gotten myself into a rut.  I so wanted to get that class piece done I was doing little more than coming home from work and sitting to stitch.   After a day of drama and stress at work - AKA Menopause Manor - 11 women/8 men on the Executive floor can lead to days filled with days of drama - I found myself just flopping on the sofa after dinner and just staying there the rest of the rest of the evening just stitching or roaming the internet.   Brainless activity trying to recover from a stress of the day.  Not a good thing for the waistline or the backside!  I am trying to get better motivated.  I told myself if I could come home in the summer and jump around in the pool for a at least an hour most evenings, then I can stay off the couch and get some things in and around the house done and not save them all for the weekend.    I think it is time to reintroduce the treadmill into my daily routine.

 This is normal.   This is how I found Buddy after I went to get a fresh cup of coffee just now.

Buddy wants to be center stage.    Little too difficult to stitch with him on my lap.  He likes attention and climbs on my lap when I sit to stitch or do computer work.

 A restful Buddy - trust me - he is just waiting to pounce!

Buddy helps me sort my needlework patterns.

                 I have never had a cat that demanded so much attention and I am loving it.

I think he has found his throne.

Life with Buddy has been interesting.   He is really a people cat and wants lots of interaction.  It is so wonderful to be greeted when I come in the door by his meowing and purring.   We have settled into a routine of playing for a few minutes and more playing and brushing after dinner each evening.   My allergies have really kicked up and I do hope it is a seasonal issue and not my new kitty. We are still settling into a sleeping routine and I am not getting much sleep.   Buddy not only has his days and night mixed up as well he as wants to to be in bed with me...but not by my feet.   He wants to lay on my chest, my head and just about anywhere he deems comfortable. Seems to be a theme. I am thoroughly enjoying this cat.  He sure has personality.

OK, that's my little bit of catching up.....hope to have some stitching to share soon.  

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Start and a Finish

A new start for a cat Buddy......

 I picked him up after work today.   He is lovable, friendly, playful and very curious.   I kind of fear what I may discover he has been into while I am at work tomorrow.   

It didn't take long for him to make himself at home.

 And a finish.   This is my class piece from the class with Jeannette Douglas 
Sturbridge in July of this year.  There is not one part of this I didn't enjoy doing.

I like how the color changes in the red stripes.

The top and bottom matching rows and bunting were fun to do.   

This section reminded me of a quilt block and was much easier than I thought it would be.

Love, love, love the white pinwheels.   They don't show up too well in the photo.

Closer view of the bunting.

It is great to finish a class piece.  Heaven knows I have a few class pieces the 
remain to be completed.  Grace Mason awaits my return.   But first off to my stash 
pile to pick out something small to start as my take along stitchery piece.