February 24, 2024

February 2024

Before the end of January, I did manage to eke out one of my January WIPGO’s.  I actually was doing the hand-stitching sitting at the airport gate on my way to Tennessee.   The WIPGO assignment was to fully finish the Civil War Huswif from Needlemade Designs.   Parts were a little tricky and seams not are so straight but I say it makes it more authentic to Civil War times.  That’s my story and I am sticking to it. 

The kit included a website to research family members who may have been in the Civil War.  Instead, I added my grandson’s name and 1st Pennsylvania as the first grandchild and he lives in PA.

The beginning of February found me in Tennessee at my friend Diane’s.  Her EGA Region has a great retreat so a couple of years ago I joined the Knoxville Chapter so I could attend.   It makes for a nice excuse to visit Diane for a week and as a side bonus, to attend the retreat in Carson Springs.    They always have little projects to do for us.  The first one I did was this needlebook.  The design had a pineapple on it for their 50th Anniversary.  I talked to the gal that was in charge of the project and told her it was my Chapter’s 50 Anniversary as well and wondered if I could modify her design to fit my Chapter.…..by all means she said.   Thank you Jennifer to all the leg work.  She even had books with motifs to choose from.     Stitched and finished in an afternoon, my kind of project. I am pleased with how it turned out.

The other class I took was a peyote beading class with Judi T of the Knoxville Chapter.   I have only done peyote once before so I was slow but I was able to start and finish this pen cover in one day.

For the month of February I  got so much stitching done that I cannot believe it.  It is all due to 7 days stitching at Diane’s.  I finished these two beaded hearts for Hearts for Hospice that my EGA is doing.

I put in 7 hours - my February WIPGO assignment - on Merry Little Christmas from Willow Tree Designs.  It was going so well that I continued stitching until finished.   It doesn’t show up here but this is stitched on a pretty green, Vintage Willow.

I put my WIPGO required 7 hours on my other February project, Rosewood Manor’s Barnwood Buttons.    And again, since it was going so good, I just keep stitching to get it done.   Since many of us don’t like how our stitches with white look, I gave DMC Floche a try.   Jury is out still on the Floche.  This landed in the WIP pile because I didn’t like the weight and feel of the fabric.  The color, which doesn’t show up, is a  pretty blue.   Instead of working in hand, I put this in one of my Nurge hoops.  I recently got rid of all my Q-Snaps and replaced them with a set of 4 sizes of Nurges which I am liking.  Getting rid of the Q-snaps also freed up from space!

I have all the verse in.  Just a few more flower stems and the rest of the border under the verse.  know I can get this down by the end of the month.

I just had to get the buttons I have been saving out to ‘play’ with them.

I finished my SAL from the Blackbird Designs from a last September class in Kansas City.  It is designed to finish as a Huswif but I don’t know.  I am toying with adding rosebuds to the upper corners and framing it…..but for now it is a finish and off the WIP list.   Fully finishing is a whole other endeavor.

All these finishes lead me to check out and prioritize my WIPS.  I had 24.  I didn’t include class pieces; that is a rabbit hole I am not going down.   I have more than several projects kitted and I am anxious to start more than a couple.   Then there is always a new great must-have pattern that comes along.  Thankfully nothing from the Nashville Market has swayed me so far.   I made a pact with myself - six WIP’s done before I think about a new start.  Considering my progress on Barnwood Buttons, I am close to four down so far in 2024.    I have a guild class in April, a stitching cruise in September and a Retreat in November and each will involve a new start, another reason to stay away from my stash of kitted projects.   

Perusing my own WIP parade lead me to my word of the year.   I decided on MONOGAMOUS.   Now let’s not get excited here, there is nothing nefarious going on.    Doing WIPGO last year I realized what many of you already know……you get more done if you just stick to one project.  Dare I add that stitching is not the only non-monogamous sector in my life?   Take the bathroom curtains I made a few years back - still not hemmed. They have been on the list 4-ever right next to the infamous wall paper removal project from I am not saying when.  Or that 100 day quilt I got all the way to Day 93 and stopped!  My projects seem to be a lot like my stitching.   I am gung-ho to start with and then something new and shiny comes my way or I need something new to work on to have the vim and vigor I feel at the beginning of a project.   I seem to have no willpower to be able to stick to a job until it is finished. If I were to look up “side-track” in Webster’s Dictionary it would be no surprise if there were a reference me as a real life example.   The worse part is this jumping from job-to-job usually happens when I am about 85% finished.   Obviously I am project-oriented and not completion-oriented.  For stitching I’d like to get down to maybe four ongoing projects.   One you carry with you, one you cannot carry due to size or difficulty, one that is easy on the eyes and the last, an obligation stitch.   For household projects, my delinquent culprits are on the list AGAIN this year and I really hope I can get my act together and they are not arrowed-over on the calendar to re-appear next  year.   So monogamous it is for me.   Not sure how well that would be received as a pillow so I am won’t even try! And I am even more sure that while this sounds like such a good plan and I have even intention of carrying out it, I know me and I may very well stray from my good intentions.  

Somehow, Miss Raegan turned 4 years old in February.  Wow, where does the time go!   Below is the day we had a tea-party in her family room.  She insisted we use her teeny tiny cups and plates from her kitchen.  All decked out in her favorite princess dress and her jewelry.   She is a trip.  I think a real life trip to a tea house is in our future.

Until next time, I will try to stay a monogamous stitcher.  Check the comments with each post to see my reply to your comments!   Thanks for stopping by and keep on stitching!

January 29, 2024

January 2024 Update

Can you believe we are writing 2024?  I mean, many of us remember  Y2K….

For this new year I may jump on the band wagon of choosing a word for the year.   I am just not sure what my word will be.  I might choose SIMPLIFY.   Hmm, PRIORITY comes to mind, MODERATION as well, and BALANCE.  I need to simplify my life by managing what I commit myself to. It all sounds good when I say “Sure, I’m in!”    It is not all needlework related which may be surprising.   It may be helping my sister with a project, helping a friend with a quilt, or another friend with her garden, saying yes to a girl’s night out, jumping to help on a fundraiser and yes, agreeing to join in on a project, a retreat or an SAL.     I WANT to do everything;   every stitching weekend, girls weekend or event.  It always sounds so good when I first say yes and then…… I believe that of all the things I have to offer, my time is the most valuable thing I can give which puts me in this quandary.    Definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome…..I guess it makes be insanely creative and giving.   And I guess that is not totally a bad way to be…..  As I type I feel like trying to find balance is a recurring theme this time of year for me….the need to balance stitching, yard, chores, friends and life.  Maybe my word should be REPEAT!  I’ll have to think on this word of the year a bit……at least, in this instance,  I am not jumping in head over heels with looking before I leap!   

For January, most of my stitching time has been dedicated to what I call “obligation” stitching.  It sounded like such a great idea to agree to doing a Blessings Sampler SAL.   I did it with both feet in and needle and thread in hand.    The concept is to stitch a piece, not necessarily a sampler, with a stitch count of at least 100 in one direction.   I choose - or rather agreed to  - to stitch 1889 Alphabets by Needlework Press.   Stitch count if 436 by 40.   I calculated I needed to stitched 15 columns of the pattern each day to finish on time.  Sounds doable right?    Some days, I spend more time sleeping with a hoop in hand than I do stitching!    I had my doubts that I could manage to finish this in January and so I am pleasantly surprised.   Stitched on 28 count over one thread with the called for DMC colors.

I had a plan on how to fully finish it but now that I am at that point, I am not so sure. 

I  completely neglected WIPGO this month until this weekend but I am not beating myself up over it.   One of my assignments was to fully finish the Civil War Huswif from NeedleMade Designs.   I  started this weekend to prep for  hand assembling.  I hope to get the outside prepped leaving me with just the attachment of the twill tape by hand.   Good airport work!   I know I will be able to fit in work the other number called over the next 11 months.  

Back to Camp WannaStitch in OCMD.   It is always a good weekend.   I think this must be the 10th year I have attended this EGA event.   No classes, just seeing old friends and meeting new ones.   This year there was a mix up with tables and four first-timers didn’t have a place to sit together on the second morning.   Robin to the rescue.   We happened to have four empty chairs.   It was nice to meet Barb, Sue, Karen and Barbara.   We found we had mutual friends, mutual interests, and much laughter ensued.   One even has a Floss Tube channel.  They will now be our table mates every year going forward.  

For progress this month, I got a fair bit accomplished on The Sweet Birds Sing from Blackbird Designs.  My goal is to be completed by May 1st and I know I will beat that deadline.    With dedicated stitching time coming this week, I might even be able to finish while in Tennessee.

My year long SAL is almost a month in.  The Temperature Tree, adding a leaf daily with the floss color based on the high temperature of the day.   Mid-month I also got extra stitching time in while I had four days of  babysitting.  Once the kiddos were in school and pre-school, I had from about 10 to 2:30 to chill until it was time to start the afternoon pick-up run.     I laugh at myself, I thought, I would get stitching time in but then there was snow, violin lessons, virtual learning and you get the picture.    I have to add the leaves from last week and still have the rest of the branches to stitch.  I am debating about packing it  to go to Tennessee as well.  It will depend on how much room is available in my suitcase.

Tomorrow I am taking off for Tennessee.    I am going to Chattanooga to stay with a friend for a week.   During that time we will head to Knoxville for a 4 day EGA retreat.  This will be the second year I have attended.   It is a great time both with Diane, Pat and with the Knoxville EGA.  

As always, thanks for stopping by and keep on stitching.  

January 2, 2024

Reading 2023

I didn’t read - or honestly listen to - as many books as last year but I am still reading/listening at a great pace.   Maybe if I were not a seamstress in a former life, I was an archivist or I was a Librarian!

Shortest book - Always With You, 145 pages

Longest book - The Castle of Kings, 656 pages

Here are some favorites books of 2023.     

First, I fell in love with David Baldachi again this year and, new to me, Harlan Coben.      I read some popular books like Lessons in Chemistry - anxious to watch the movie as well as the Boys in the Boat movie which was also an excellent read several years ago.

I read Spare due to the affection so many of us have for the monarchy.   It was well written but being a true fan of the Queen and Royal Family……

I think the best books of the year, in no particular order have to be

The Day the World Came to Gander  - I was amazed, I was in awe, I cried, I had my faith in humanity restored.   5 stars for sure  

Coal River by Ellen Marie Wiseman - The author had the ability to take me to the horrors and corruption of working in  the coal mines of western PA.  It hit home because  my father ran away from his home in in Western PA, in the 1920’s at the end of  his senior year of high school….nothing to look forward to but working in the mines.  

The Accidental Tourist by Anne Tyler - Not a new book but still enjoyable.

The German Wife, by Debbie Rix - Always a sucker for World War II stories, this is s story about the wife of a concentration camp doctor who’s husband would not divulge was he was doing.   How it lead to their divorce and her subsequent immigration to America and her life post WW2.

Tiffany Girls, Shelley Noble - Light, entertaining reading with a bunch of history about Tiffany Glass.   

A Fever in the Heartland by Timothy Egan - This is not on my best books read list but rather the most disturbing book read list.   I heard a recommendation for this book on a podcast that I listen to, The Book Case (Charlie Gibson and his daughter Kate).   This book was most upsetting because it was true.  It focuses on the KKK and the corruption rampant throughout the local as well as high up in the state government in Indiana in the  1920’s.

So when you are not stitching, keep on reading!

December 27, 2023

2023 Round-up Updated

When looking back, what a year!   Lots of travel, lots of stitching, lots of fun, lots of finishes, lots of good times.

I did start December down 17 pounds from last year but I can say that I have to loose 6 of those pounds again.  Thanksgiving, holiday parties, and the holidays in general, have sabotaged the diet.  On a better note,  I was able to finish up 2023 with an almost completed WIPGO board.    My November task was to fully finish My Stitcher’s Heart from Hands on Design.   The first problem I encountered was I couldn’t find the finishing kit.  I did find it, right in plain sight, the next day.   For 2023, I completed every assignment but the full finish of My Stitchers Dream.   I have no plans for Saturday and Sunday so I hope I can make a measurable amount of progress before year’s end.  

I was able to complete all the finishing except for painting and lining the box.  I had an issue with my supplies.   I’ll leave it that the sealer had an old fashioned price tag on it so it pre-dates bar codes!   

December’s assignments for WIPGO were one motif on Teresa Kogut’s Land That I Love.  On the left is how far I got; on the right, where I started.  I’m getting there.   And I am totally counting the center border flower and the basket of flowers as a full motif.  I really would love to get this finished in 2024.

My other December assignment was to stitch and fully finish a Halloween ornament.  This ornament was from the stash of a friend who passed away last January.   It will always be a special memory of Donna for me.

Of course  I have signed up for 2024 WIPGO.    Somehow even with all the finishes I accomplished in 2023, I didn’t reduce the number of WIP’s I have.   Here’s hoping in 2024.   

I was fortunate - and I know it - to have been able to travel for pleasure both far and wide.   Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland…..I somehow managed, at minimum, at least a weekend trip each month.   The scary part is this time last year I only had one event on my calendar.   For next year, I’ve already got plane tickets reserved for January, signed up for five (no-class) retreats already, I have a week in the Outer Banks booked (I’ve never been), a cruise booked for September and a trip to Kentucky in November.  It is difficult being retired!

In September, I signed up for a Secret Stitching Pal through my guild.   Here are the goodies my Secret Stitcher sent to me for Christmas.  A beautifully stitched and finished ornament, a JBW chart, little snips and a thread holder.   

I laugh as I think of stitching plans for next year…..stitching plans never seem to manifest themselves quite as I think they will.  But, alas, I can fantasize.   

I have signed up for the Blessings Sampler Challenge on FB.  I think I may know I picked something too ambitious but I’ll have to give it the old college try.  Current top contender is the 1889 Alphabets by Needlework Press.  The criteria of the SAL is that at least one measurement is 100 stitches and to finish the sampler in January. It is  supposed to mean you will have good luck for the year.  This one is 436 by 40.  OMGosh, that means I need to do 110 by 40 stitches each week.   Ugh.   I think I will focus in on being happy with whatever I get finished and not put pressure on myself.  It’s not too late to change to something slightly smaller I guess.   And I really like Sally Spencer by Birds of a Feather. Its stitch count is 156 by 156.   

Another SAL for the year is the Temperature Tree by Stitchin’ Mommy on Etsy.  The idea is that each leaf of the tree represents a day of the year.  The color you stitch that leaf is determined by the high temperature of the day.   I have a friend locally, one in Florida and another Tennessee working on this too.   It will be fun to see our differences.    I am working to get the trunk and a couples branches stitched before January 1st.    In addition to adding the leaves each week, I will work on the next branch to hopefully I will stay ahead of the leaves!  I am stitching this with one thread on 28 count over 1.    It is proving a bit rough on the eye sight!

With the holiday pressing down and holiday parties and events, I put my Quilter’s Station SAL aside for most of December.   I was far enough ahead and I hope during the last week I will be able to catch up and be on schedule for our group’s January Zoom check in.

I finished Heart in Hand 2018 Collectors Heart.    I am not sure how these will be finished.  

I stitched nearly a negligible amount of the pumpkin from Fat Quarter Shop.  This is on the outer edges of my radar.  It will become more central on that screen the closer to October we get.

More recently, Christmas was a blast with the family here.   Every year since my grandchildren have been born, with the except of 2020 because of COVID, my grandbabies have gone to sleep on Christmas Eve at my house and woke on Christmas morning under my roof.    This may be the last year and but I said that last year.   Good fun, family and laughter abounded.  Cookie making, game playing, gingerbread house making, snuggles and hugs and squeals of glee.  My heart was full as was my belly.

I wish for all my friends, both those I see and those that are virtual, that your holiday season was full, your 2023 was a good one, yours stitches plentiful, your frogging minimal and that your 2024 is even better.

Thanks for stopping by and keep on stitching! 

December 4, 2023

December Starting up with Finishes

I ended November and started December with a little side trip.   My friend, who lives in Tennessee but was visiting family in NJ, had an obligation and had to drive from NJ to Tennessee to go back home.  It is an 11 hour drive and she said she wouldn’t be back in NJ for Christmas because the doing the drive alone is getting to be too much.   So what do retired stitching friends do, they say we will come with you and share the driving.  Down we went on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and returned December 4th.

We had a great time and the week flew by and we were on our way back to NJ before we knew it.  Our mornings were running an errand or two (if a visit to Hobby Lobby counts as an errand), lunch out and then back home to stitch away the afternoon and evening.   I made more progress in the last week than I expect to the rest of the month which is why I am doing my post early.   

Knowing I can’t stitch while in the car,  I took some of my trims to wind on bobbins from Madam Sew.  I decided to group them on the cards by color rather than type.    I have most of my trims now on either these bobbins or on ones I made as seen below.   Madam Sew’s are sturdier and larger.  Mine were made by decoupaging a print out on comic board.  I have already ordered two more sets of bobbins from Madam Sew to finish up my remaining trims……because you know we save every piece of trim or ribbon that comes our way.  Having these wrapped will make it easier to find just the right trim when doing finishing.  

Just under the wire before the end of the month, I was able to fully finish November and December from A Year of Celebration from HOD.  It was one of my November WIPGO assignments.  I pre-cut the batting, backing and mat board before my road trip.   That is half the battle.  It was easy to fully finish them.  Six months down and six to go.   Now if only I could get the numbered tiles moved to the proper place for December!

On the 30th, I worked on my Halloween stitch.  I may be able to wrap this one up on the 13th if it turns out to be a good stitching day for me.

I finished the “January” branch for my temperature tree.  On the right below, is my friend Lisa’s temperature tree.  I want to get at least the January and February branches done before the 1st of the year.

I  did a little embroidery and wool work on pre-printed pillow tops.   I added some wool pieces, beads and buttons along with some stitches here and there.   These are three of six and when fully finished, these will make cute bowl fillers.

I also fully finished this lovely needle-book from a class with Lady Dot at Quilter’s Station in September.  Again, this is something that was about 90% finished when something else shiny passed in front of me and caught my eye.    

I even hemmed the sleeves in my coat.  The coat I have been carrying a spool of thread around in the pocket for four years for that particular reason.   Ugh!  It only took 15 minutes…..it is off my to-do list!

To round out the finishing, I added the twisted cord and hanger to this Christmas in July ornament.

I worked on my 4th of the month stitch piece….a day early since the forth would be spent riding/driving 11 + hours.  My version is on the left and Diane’s is on the right.  The original was done is all gray tones.  Diane prettied it up with patriotic colors and I jumped on board when I saw her creativity.

I stitched one of Lila’s Studio Red Sweater patterns when in Chattanooga.   I bought, of all things, plastic that resembles perforated paper and started stitching the same sweater pattern on the ride home.   I don’t think I have ever have stitched the same pattern twice and this will make the third time for this sweater pattern.  Once was for a friend and these two will be for the kiddos.   

Lot’s of little things done and loose ends tied up.  

Because I was in Tennessee, I left with the fall decor up and the Christmas decor still in the attic.   So I’ve week or so ahead of me to try to turn it all around into a Christmas wonderland.   Between decorating and obligations and events, I don’t know if I will get much stitching done the rest of the month!   Here’s hoping!  

Thanks for stopping by and keep on stitching!

November 24, 2023

November Recap

November was another great month to be living my life.  Again I look around and think how very thankful I am to have my health, my family, my friends, my hobbies, and so much more.  Not just because it is Thanksgiving time just now.  I know I am truly fortunate and I do appreciate the blessings I have.  

Now on to the stitchy stuff.   My guild had their semi-annual get together in OCMD.   We are now actually in Berlin, MD but we all still refer to it as ‘going to Ocean City”.   So good to spend time with good friends that we usually only see by Zoom or message by Instagram through the year.   Kind of hard to give an iPad a hug like you can when in person.   Our retreat is the perfect place to sit, chat, stitch and really get to know our fellow members.

 When in OCMD, we stitched together in the classroom at Salty Yarns during the days.  The move from the boardwalk in OCMD to a location in Berlin, MD is just about 8 miles from the ocean.   The in-land retreat was just as great as all the previous retreats.  Our Guild held our monthly meeting during the retreat and we were treated to a class with Janis Note of Noteworthy Needle.    This is the thimble box she designed for our guild.  It was pre-stitched and most were able to fully finish during the class.

Believe it or not, I only bought two small patterns and some fabric for myself while at Salty Yarns and therefore was not the winner of the prize for most spent!   I did buy some Christmas presents and some things for my Secret Pal Stitching Sister.

As for my stitching the rest of the month, I’ve got myself in a sort of SAL with the group I sat with when I was at Quilter’s Station in Lee’s Summit, MO.   One of the stitchers  does the crazy-stitch-a-certain-project-on-a-certain-day-of-the-month thing.   For example, on the 13th and the 31st, stitch Halloween; on the 14th stitch something with hearts; on the 4th, stitch patriotic and so on.   Since I have the attention span of the dog that sees a squirrel, this is appealing to me.   I figure it gives me permission to change projects.  It also can be used to explain why I don’t complete projects quickly.  Somehow my goal for 2023 to reduce my number of WIP’s  has completely gone out the window on my road of life!  Here is a re-cap of my first month in.

4th - Red, white & blue    Betsy’s Tart from Plum Street.   I am copying the color way a friend used.  So much cuter than the gray tones. 


13th & 31st - Hello Pumpkin from the Fat Quarter Shop

 14th - 2018 Collector’s Heart from Heart in Hand  I am stitching both the main piece and the tiny quilted heart design.   I am stitching on mystery linen and substituting floss from my stash.  

It wasn’t the 14th but who could resist a little one that wanted to stitch hearts.   It was easy to remove the long stitches she put in.  Love making these memories with my grand daughter.

24th and 25th - Merry Christmas from Willow Tree Samplings  - I really hope to be able to get some Christmas stitching in later today and tomorrow.

27th - Thanksgiving/Fall from Lila’s Studio

I am well aware if I were to just concentrate on one at a time, I could finish it. But what is the fun in that?   I think when I am on the homestretch on any of these, I will make it a focus piece until I finish it.  I laugh at myself with my ‘plans’….maybe if I spent less time creating stitching scenarios I would get more done! 

I am also working on my Blackbird SAL with the same Quilter’s Station ladies.  Each month our assignment is to stitch 32 rows.  We should all be finished by April of 2024.   The needle on the left hand side is marking how far I have to stitch for complete the December 31st goal.  Here’s to keeping ahead of schedule.  

For WIPGO, my assignment was to stitch and fully finish two months of the Year of Celebration from Hands on Design.  I choose  November and December.  My other WIPGO challenge was also a Hands on Design piece.    I fully stitched the Stitchers Workbox and now it was time to fully finish it.  We are celebrating our Thanksgiving on Saturday due to work schedules so I think - for the first time in 2023 WIPGO - I am not going to finish the assignment.    Not only that but the kiddos were here for a pajama party for 3 days.  There was water painting, and blanket forts over the table, giggles, popcorn and movies.   Also,  I am leaving at o’dark thirty on Tuesday for Tennessee for a week so there is laundry and prepping to do for that.    I did get the stitching on November and December completed.   Heck, what is my problem?  It is like 2 days each, if that, to stitch each one.  The whole year should have been completed last year!   These were both stitched on 28 count mystery fabric and substituting colors from my stash as needed as well as pulling embellishments from my stash.   I may not be reducing my WIP’s but I might be making a small dent in my stash.  The remaining months are already on my draft WIPGO board for 2024.


I changed the words “Bless” to “Blessed” by backstitching instead of cross stitching.   Back stitching “Merry” as well in December.  Perhaps I will fully finish December before the end of the year.

Bearing in mind my above mentioned stitching assignments, I need to be sure I don’t overwhelmed myself with my 2024 WIPGO board.  I need to steer it more towards completing projects rather than starting ones I have been wanting to start but haven’t.  Time is fast approaching to revisit the list and see what should be added, deleted, or dialed back.  I keep two large baskets in my family room.   One with my monthly projects and the other with the WIPGO projects for the year.  Here’s hoping both are less full at the end of the year.    I just crack myself up with that thought!

And as if I don’t have a ton of ‘stitching assignments’ lined up, I signed on to the Blessing Sampler Project on Facebook.  The concept is to start and finish a piece in the month of January.   It is supposed to bring good luck during the year if you start and finish a sampler January.  The only requirement is that the pattern must have at least 100 stitches in one direction.   I am thinking I will do 1889 Alphabet from Needlework Press.   But then again, I am rethinking because it is 430 stitches by 40.   Long and skinny but it will require a minimum number of rows EACH day.    I will be going to Camp Wannastitch in OCMD again this January so that does allow for 3 or 4 dedicated stitching days. Hmmmm…..what to do.

And if that is not enough ASSIGNMENTS,  I am doing a Temperature Tree starting January 1st.   I saw a friend, Lisa of Lady Huzzah Floss Tube, stitching on her’s last spring and I was sold.  Me and three other friends will be starting this on January 1st.   There is a color chart graded for each 4 degrees of temperature.  There is a leaf for each day of the year and your color is determined by the high temperature of the day.    Since the three of us live from south Jersey to Florida it will be fun to see the different colors on our individual trees.   I hope to have, at minimum, the first three branches done by January.   After that, I will work on the tree one day a week adding the leaves for the week and working toward completing the branches.    I am stitching this on 28 count Color and Cotton Special Edition over one thread.   My tree may look more like a shrub when I am done.     The pattern is available from Stitchin’ Mommy on Etsy.  

Some happy arrivals are two pieces I had framed this month.    First up is Red Bird Sampler from With Thy Needle and Thread.    Stitched and finished in 2023 using the called for colors on 36 count fabric.

Second is Garden of Stitches from Samplers Not Forgotten.    This was the SAL with the DVHSG for 2022.   We started in February 2021 with a monthly schedule for completion by February 2022.  It was fully of specialty stitches and was enjoyable to work on.  I finished on schedule but never took the time to go to the framer.   DVHSG is doing the companion piece, Hummingbird,  as the 2024 SAL but I am passing on stitching that one.    It is pretty but as you have read I have a ton of stitching plans already!

Well that’s bring me up to date on what is happening in my town other than the trees growing taller.   Thanks for stopping by and keep on stitching!