Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Here I go again....

off onto the a different track......this time it is a purposeful side-track......

......have you ever just looked around and seen a couple of things out of place in each room you enter?  I am self aware enough to know that when I start to get that overwhelmed-crazy, out-of-sorts, something-is-amiss-but-I-don't-know-what feeling, it is because I need a good ole sort out and pick up session.  It is some kind of unconscious weight on my shoulders.  It started when I pulled out all the tubs for the fall decorations.  I know there will always be a mess  when changing out the decor from season to season.  But I just had to give myself with a firm talking to that I needed to 'pick up' before I launched yet-another-project.  You know, complete one task before you start another.   What a concept!  Those couple of things here and there quickly turned into what seemed to be half-a-hundred.

It's not that I don't straighten up and clean each week but I have been so bent on getting outside to enjoy the weather, the pool and yard I admit I have been maybe doing the minimum.  I needed to put the brakes on.    I told myself use what works - touch it once and handle and a half-hour tops.  I intended to just do my stitching area and stuff.  Somehow I moved to baseboards, ceiling fan blades, the stack of mail on my desk,  removed seat cushions and so on.   Threads and needles,  bits and bobs out of place, goldfish crackers and Fisher-Price little people under the cushions with a couple pairs of scissors, a pile of mail on the desk reviewed, so two hours later, I felt good.  Family room is cleaned and I can move onto something I want to do without guilt.  

For stitching I have put all my concentration on The Women of the Mayflower sampler by Brenda Gervais.  Today is Day 5 of 66.  This is such a fun SAL.   The premise is to stitch daily from September 6 to November 5, 2020 to commemorate the sailing of the Mayflower.  There are FB groups and Instagram groups and everyone is sharing and supportive.  Brenda has a great start-up video on the private FB group and was so adorable dressed up like a Pilgrim.   And she is sending out questions to answer for give-aways.     

Brenda encouraged us that while we are stitching on this sampler to think about what these women went through.   Imagine, sailing to the unknown, being able to only take along only what would fit in one trunk, (think carefully - no Amazon to order from once you arrive), knowing you will never see again the people you have left behind, being on the sea in cramped quarters......66 days and having no idea if you will make it or not.........surely no creature comforts.......I don't know if I could have ventured into the unknown as they did. It makes me even more grateful for everything I have within my reach even during a pandemic! 

My plan was to keep up by stitching 6 rows a day.  Operative word being 'plan'.  Day 2, I went amok. I saw where someone else did the border down to the waves, completed the waves and then would be working up from the waves for the ship.  Made sense to me so I changed my approach.

I am looking forward to fall weather so I can get back out in my yard and do some damage.   I have a lot I want to get cleared still and spring bulbs to get in.

And I almost forgot I got two pieces of  Happy Mail yesterday.   I did forget one was coming; and the other was a real surprise.   First I joined the Fat Quarter Shop Quarterly Cross Stitch Club way back at the end of May.    I joined too late for the last quarterly mailing and completely forgot it was time for the next quarter's mailing.  Like I need anything else but it is so fun to get mail.   Look how adorable this was packed in a fall themed stitching bag.  Inside it was full of all the goodies needed to complete the pattern.   The fabric provided is 10-ct Aida so this will stitch up into a nice pillow!  

The other was a Post Card from Germany from the CEO of the Company I worked for and I was excited about that one too!  It made me remember when I was in Germany.  I remember how clean the cities were and beautiful their gardens were.  Of course I am sure the tour only took us to the best places.  I did text her a reply but it is not the same as the effort someone puts in to real mail.  I will have to get a card in the mail to her maybe to some other friends as well to put a smile on their faces.  

I just love getting snail mail.

Thanks for stopping by.   Stay safe, stay healthy and keep on stitching.    

Remember of all the things you can be, be kind.  😊

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Sunday, September 6, 2020


Back and forth.....what do i do?   It has been probably one of only two best run of days for weather that we have had all summer.    I know I need to finish Ornaments ala Round but the yard and beautiful weather was calling me....stay in/go out, stitch/do yard work....decisions, decisions.

So I split the baby so to speak.   I took my needlework outside.     It was great to just glide back and forth in my hanging chair, listen to the birds chirping and the wind rustling the trees and wind chimes....oh and the lawnmower in the distance but even that sound created a sense of normality.  But there is one problem with this situation.   I closed my burning eyes for just a second and was so comfy I feel asleep listening to the breeze.   It really was heavenly.  

I had wanted to get Ornaments completed by the start of Women of the Mayflower......close but no cigar.   One branch left.  I could kick myself for putting this aside for the entire month of July.   Oh well.  No looking back to could-of, should-of, would-of.   I will get it done.   I took the pictures below outside to try to capture the sparkle but it really made it 'yellow' looking.   

I watched some floss tube videos while I stitched.  It is overwhelming to see how many videos you are behind with the little YouTube icon every time I open my phone or iPad.

I tried to narrow down the numbers by unsubscribing to those I don’t regularly check in on, the ones that no longer post and the ones I can readily find on owner's websites.   Besides, all this watching floss tube is bad for the pocketbook!   Don't you just want get on the internet and buy half the stuff different stitchers are showing?   I use the XStitch Ap to keep track of all my patterns so I don’t rebuy  any.  It readily tells me  I have at least  a gross (144) of patterns that I just couldn’t live without buying.  Only reassuring thing is I know I am not alone in this dilemma.  

I did make a good progress on Raegans stocking.  My EGA had a Zoom stitching night last week and it was easy to work on the large count while we all chatted.  It was great we were all able to see and talk to each other.   

This morning I started Women of the Mayflower.   The SAL is from September 6 to November 5 to coincide with the 400th anniversary of the voyage of the mayflower.   Sixty-six days, in theory, is enough time to complete the SAL.    There are some really dense stitching areas but then there is a lot of lettering farther down where I feel I can make quicker progress. Of course there is a FB and Instagram group where we all encourage each other.  I really hope I can keep up or maybe even move ahead.  

My daughter had a scrap of map-like fabric that I can use for the lining of my project bag.   I cut two strips from the project bag panel and 'tested' coffee dying and the antiquing spray.   The fabric takes the dye super well. Overnight in the coffee cup proved to be too dark.      Later this week, when it turns humid and nasty again, I hope to be able to dye the panel and then construct the bag.  

So folks that’s where I am this Labor Day 2020 Weekend.  Always a list of projects at hand as well as  in the queue.   For me today, I am heading outside to enjoy the weather after  applying  the bug spray! 

Thanks for stopping by.  Stay safe, stay healthy and keep on stitching.  

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

My kingdom for my own bed.

Hip hip hooray, it's Damma Day is how I was greeted when I arrived at my son's last week.   We had a great visit just enjoying each other's company   Mr. Wonderful sent me out with a bunch of cooked crabs so we sat and nibbled and talked and we enjoyed our first day there.   The tents were up in the back yard but thankfully, I was given a pass and had a bed inside.  

Willy played his tissue box guitar with Uncle Choo Choo Miki.   AKA Mike who works for Amtrak.   

Needless to say, minimal stitching going on and no purposeful walking happening this past week.   

Here is how far I am or rather how close I am on Ornaments ala Round.  Just this corner to finish.    A half branch, a half gingerbread man and a full branch and that is it.   I plan to concentrate on this and nothing else between now and Labor Day weekend because I want it out of the way for the start of Coming to American on September 6th.   

I was finally able to score one of the kits for the companion project bag for Coming to America from Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle and Thread.   Every time I had looked, it was out of stock.  I remembered after I went to bed on the 29th that the 29th was the day they were to be back in stock so I shot out of bed, scrambled for my credit card in the middle of the night to order it and the others were all sitting with a little late night chatting and looked at me like.....what is she doing?   My daughter got it, she's a crafter; the others did not.  

Progress on Raegan's stocking is minimal as well.  

I did have a new start as you need a small carry along piece.    This is  "ye old crow sampler" by Heart in Hand.  It is charted for all black but I am switching it up with some orange for the pumpkin and green for the vines using whatever I have in stash.  The photo does not represent the fabric well.   It is 32 Carnival/Belfast and much more orange than it appears.  

When I left my son's I brought back an extra package with grandson.   He did great being away from home the first time. We went in the pool, played games, played trains, played Legos, went to the playground, and went to the aquarium.  

Of course a visit to Damma's always includes a trip to the custard stand.

It broke my heart when I told him as we snuggled in bed on his next to last night that his mom and dad were coming to pick him up and he just sobbed and sobbed.......he didn't want to leave his Damma.  All was well by the time they arrived and ready to return home the next day.  He knows he will be coming home again with me soon.   

As for me, last night was the first night in my own bed in a week and boy did that bed feel good.  A quick vacuum of the dog hair and crumbs, picking up random Legos and I am done for the day and looking forward to an evening of stitching......which in all honesty will be the equivalent of me pulling out a project and falling asleep with it on my lap.  

Thanks for stopping by, keep safe and keep on stitching.

Wordless Wednesday #3

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