Sunday, July 15, 2018

More chocolates

I must be on a sweet tooth roll.  This is something I stitched this years ago.   I am not quite sure but I think it was a Little House Needleworks chart.   I had the vision to make it into a box of candy.  

Before I started to assemble it, I decided to backstitch the pink border as well as each chocolate piece. I got the mat board cut, I then wrapped it with fabric for both the inner and outer box and then stitched the box pieces together.  I cut layers and layers and more layers of batting and laced the stitched piece over the batting with a mat board base.  

All that was left to do was to put it in place with some acid-free double-sided table.  Not my best finishing job but from the top of the bridge it is ok.  
 But more important, one less unfinished finish in my completed projects baskets.  

Thanks for stopping by and keep on stitching!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

New Start

Kind of not much stitching going on for me.  I've totally lost my mojo for the Corsica River SAL.......However,  I did  manage a few stitches on a new I thought it would jump start the mojo or like because I just wanted matter.

But first up,  at the last EGA meeting before the summer break one of the members taught us how to make calorie free chocolates.    EZ-PZ and if you didn't add the beads, each can be done in under 15 minutes.    Pretty cool.     I see more of theses in my future
 More fake food I can torture my children with.

Oh Blogger why won't you cooperate and let the 'rotated' photo stay rotated?!

This is my new start.  I'm hoping that starting a new project will help me get back in the  groove.   This is Jarden Prive’ ABC de la Brodeuse.  I am stitching with the charted DMC floss on 27 count banding with one thread, over one thread.   I had wanted to convert the chart to a horizontal band rather than stitch it as charted vertically but just didn't have the mental energy to rechart it.   So it is stitched as charted.   Easy stitch and great sense of accomplishment when each motif is completed.  So easy to complete a word or flower even if you don't have a lot of time to stitch.

Lastly, I had ordered shelves back in May and finally got them put up.   I got this idea from an Open House at Patty Yergey's home in lower Delaware.   Patty Yergey is the designer for Samplers Revisited.  She has some original designs but also charts antique samplers.  She said she was tired of putting holes in the walls when she rearranged her samplers.    Great idea for me to change out the holiday stitches and no problem to rearrange items.

Thanks for stopping by.....and keep on stitching.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Buttons Buttons Buttons

Buttons have started to arrive.   I have received the first three delivers of buttons from my monthly subscription to JABCO buttons.    It is so fun to get a package and unwrap to see what delights are inside.

My first shipment was April.   Sew Many Buttons it is called.   With peach keen and envy green buttons as well as the fabulous specialty buttons.

Next is May.    Beachy buttons is the name of this one.    Teal and apricot sprinkle packs and the beach themed accent buttons.  Look at the ice cream cone and the beach ball!  Too cute!

And last is June.   Red-White-and-Blue-t-ful.    Demin and Cherry sprinkle packs and fun summer time buttons.

So adorable.  Can't wait to so some finishes and embellish some of these.

Monday, June 25, 2018

What is the measure of a man

How do we measure success?   Is it by the size of a bank account?   Do we really equate the success of a person with the size of a portfolio?  Is it the man who has the expensive car, the gated mansion or sleekest boat?  Or, is it really by how many lives they have touched?

Without warning, my little brother passed away on May 28th of a heart attack.   In the days that have passed as I deal with the shock, the grief and the sadness, I am comforted to find the support from his many, many friends.   These are not just people that knew him but truly many, many people he called friend; people he gave himself to in friendship; people he cared for; people he supported in work; people he gave his time to; people he went the extra mile for without a second thought; people who he touched by his gentle way and generous spirit.

If only we judged the measure of a person in this way, my brother was the most successful man many of us will ever have the privilege of knowing.

Jon and I, 1961

Jon and I, 1962

Jon, Kindergarden

 Summer fun, my dad, me and Jon

The rose between the thorns, me, Jon and our sister Barbara, circa 1962

 Crazy eyes or beer enhanced!

 Nephew Bill and Jon

Jon, Polar Bear Plunge, 2012

 Half brother Bill, Jon, Barbara and me, 2015

Jon and co-workers from Mannington Mills, 2016

Key West, 2018

Key West, May 2018

It has been hard to wrap my head around him not staying with me on his next trip north, not seeing him at holidays, not talking on the phone or just never seeing him ever again.

Jon deVries Dunn
10-17-1958  -- 5/28/2018

Ride on little brother

Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day

A day to honor our men and women and uniform.     Coming from a family with some military as well as first responder ties (father-in-law, half-brothers, aunt, niece, son, friends) I know Memorial Day is more that a day for picnics or the 'start' of summer.   We also must remember to appreciate the sacrifice of those in uniform and their families make so we can live this life of ours.

 I took a little drive by our county's Veteran's Cemetery yesterday to sit and reflect a few minutes during the hustle and bustle of errands.   So peaceful and so thankful to these men and women.

 I confess, these photos are not from yesterday.   Since it was an unplanned stop, I didn't have my camera.   The scene yesterday was the same (except for overcast skies) as it was when I took these several years ago.

After my reflection and giving thanks, I took advantage of being home alone on a holiday weekend.   See, the thing is, no one calls to bother you because they are all doing family things.   With Mr. W. at Drum Corp, I was able to catch up and get my plants in.

 I started with this wire planter that sits out front.  I like to pick three or our flowers in complimentary colors and  mixing up the pairings in the different pots.   This year's choice is fuchsia geraniums, coleus, creeping Jenny and purple snap dragons.

They all appear a little skimpy for now but they will fill in in no time.  

It's ashame the camera can't catch what I see.....all the colors when I look at the yard from the pool deck.

 I lined all the pots up to make it easier for Mr. W. to water them since I am heading out early tomorrow morning for some grandbaby time.  Hopefully they will survive Mr. W.'s  neglect and I will place them on the deck and porch when I return.

 For stitching, I finished up the binding on a string quilt I assembled in January or February of this year.

My daughter taught me there are no rules for a quilt back and I like playing with my scraps.

 For cross stitching,  I am working on a free pattern sent to those of us attending the Prim Stitchers Retreat in Harrisburg.  If we bring this completed pattern and fabric, Carolina Stitcher with make us a project bag.   How can we not stitch it!   Retreat starts Thursday and I know I will get this completed.   The design from Beth Seal of Summer House Stitch Workes.   I used the colors from the pre-work piece I am working on for the class I am having with her later this summer.

 So that wraps up my week.  I am sure there with be treasures galore to share next week after the Prim Stitchers Retreat and since I usually start  new piece when I go on a retreat and since I didn't start anything new the last three times.......this could be the time.  Stay tuned folks and keep on stitching!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

What I say and what I do

Are definitely two different things.   Oh, yes, I pledge that I am going to stitch on nothing but this or that for now and nothing else.    Oh those words taste so good when eaten with a side of hummus and baby carrots.   

So what am I fessing up to.......oh, I was only going to stitch on Halloween Quaker until finished.        Above, is where I was after retreat.....below, my progress this week.  Thank goodness for photos because I actually I can see I had more progress that I thought.

 I did finish my Prim Stitchers Retreat pre-stitch with time to spare.

Prim Stitchers have shared an additional free pattern that I may try to stitch up before the retreat.    It is a motif from Beth Seal at Summer House Stitch Workes.   If we provide the finished stitch and two 1/2 yard pieces of fabric, Carolina Stitcher will stitch us up a project bag.  And since it is Carolina Stitcher and since I signed up for a Beth Seal class in Lancaster in June, I can hardly pass that up right?
  Above the pin keep and on the right, the floss tag for the Beth Seal Class in Lancaster at the end of June.
 I love how these colors blended as stitched.

Below is the exchange piece for the Prim Stitchers Retreat that I finished this week.    I think I may have to glue the button down.    It came out a little lack luster then my vision.

 I don't know if I  will take it or keep it.  I filled it with crushed walnut shells and lavender.   The button is one I bought in NYC at Mood in April.  I am happy with the work and finish, it is just that is it smaller than I expected it to be and I don't want to be that one that brings a lame exchange piece.

Earlier in the week I made chocolate covered pretzels for the bridal shower of a friend's daughter.

I also made little bags of covers chocolates for shower favors.

Coming up this week is some longed for days without rain!    The yard and all the flower beds are in great shape but I have yet to plant any of my pots or my vegetables.   I am longing to get some bright red geraniums in for that pop of color.  Hopefully, Mother Nature will cooperate and I can get some plants in.   I am afraid to go out and buy too many this week as I will be  away all next week and fear I won't get them in before I leave.    At this rate, I guess I will be enjoying my first round of veggies when everyone else is enjoying their bummer crops!

Thanks fo stopping by and keep on stitching.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there.    

A real quick post.  Got a long to-do list today.  

Last weekend when my daughter was here she gave me a Mother's Day gift.   She always finds the perfect gift.    This is a beautiful book of biscornus albeit entirely in french.  

Not to worry, the patterns translate to any language as do the DMC numbers listed in the key.  Looking forward to stitching one or two of these for upcoming exchanges.

I love this time of the year....home from work, don the sweats and head out to the yard.   My gardens are in great shape, all cleaned, weeded and prepped for planting.  Unfortunately, it leaves little time for stitching.  

For Halloween Quaker,  I almost have page four of six  pages complete.   Looking forward to a mid-summer finish on this one!

Below is the pre-sttiching for the Prim Stitchers Retreat I will be going to the first of June.  
Anyway, from the daily posts and excitement on their FB page, this is going to prove to be an awesome retreat.

 And then there is a bad thing.  A fellow stitcher was doing her pre-work when we were at our DVHSG retreat. So what else do I do but come home and sign up for it.    

 This for the pre-work to a class I signed up for at Stitches Unlimited in Lancaster, PA at the end of June.    I think pre-stitching for classes is a favorite of mine.   It means I will walk out of class with finished pieces.  

I will be taking this to Prim Stitchers Retreat for work on.

I know, it's crazy.  I signed up in November for Prim Stitchers Retreat and I should know by now other retreats and classes would pop up that surely would catch my eye and I would sign up for them as well.   What's a stitcher to do?   All I can say, I'm a happy stitcher!   And then, I just saw the latest class from Betsy Morgan.   Oh no! I have a feeling I will be at Salty Yarns in June of 2019!

That's all I've got for now.   EGA and a DVHSG Meetings both this week means two FB updates and two blog updates.  Good thing it is a rainy day and I won't be outside.    Hope to knock out all the computer work and do some finishing and crafting the rest of the day.    Hopefully I will have some accomplishments to share next week.

Thanks for stopping by and keep on stitching!