Sunday, September 16, 2018

New start

My EGA is having a canvas work SAL.    I only have worked on canvas once before and never finished the project so this is an interesting challenge.  Our assignment for next month is to complete Blocks 1 to 8.   I already have Blocks 1 to 6 completed since Thursday.   This may be a project where I am the over-achiever and have all 16 completed by next meeting.

I am enjoying the process and progress with this.    I may even have to pull out my previous meager attempt at canvas work.

Also in EGA we are launching a challenge for 2018-2019.   Stitchers are to pick four projects to concentrate on.   They can be new or WIP's.  And oh, there are so many new ones I want to start...Do I dare?  We will stitch them in rotation dedicating a month at a time on each piece.   It is a good way to make some progress on a couple of projects that I have been lagging behind on.     I'll have to dig into the basket of shame and share what I decide to use for my challenge.  I think I want to split it between two WIP's and two new......hmmmm, got to think on it a while.

As for my other current stitching, I am almost done three of the four Halloween ornaments.  

For those who wanted to know the fabric color, I cannot find the label from when it was purchased.   I did pull out all my Weeks Dye Works, Sampler Threads, etc. to find a close match.   Best I could do was DMC 598.

For those stitching pals in North and South Carolina, sending prayers.   Stay safe my friends.  

Thanks for stopping by and keep on stitching.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Maintaining is better than playing catch up.

Boy a little self-reflection and I have identified what is causing me to feel so overwhelmed lately.   Ever have something you need to do but don't want to do?   Does that thing (or things!) grow and keep overshadowing you?   Does it seem impossible to tackle so you just keep not addressing it.   And finally when you do, you realize that wasn't so bad and then you actually start to feel better.   Wow, I bet I am not alone.  I have been so overwhelmed with work on my brother's estate that I just keep putting everything on the corner of my desk. Couple that with all the paperwork my financial planner is asking for putting my finances in order for retirement and I just kind have been turning a blind eye and hibernating to avoid both of these tasks.

No more, as least estate-wise.  I had everything but it was just in a pile.  I put in the necessary hours this past week and got everything caught up, created several excel files to document everything, created folders for hard copy files of the receipts, correspondence, etc. and created my to-do list of letters and additional notifications I found need to make.   Whew.....feels good now that I did attack the mess and that invisible weight on my shoulders lifted.   It is far easier to maintain once everything is in order.   And I know this....this is always been my mantra.....I have eaten those words I used with my children about taking care of their rooms.   But enough of that.

 This was my view Wednesday night.   7:30 pm and 90 degrees

Today, sweats and raindrops on my pool (and camera lens)
We have gone from extreme, and I mean extreme,  heat and humidity in the mid-Atlantic region to rain-rain-rain.  This means my flower beds are suffering.   Already overgrown with crab-grass and now pouring rain for the next 6 days means they may never get groomed this season!   I so look forward to retirement and spending a half hour a day to maintain the beds instead of all weekend long playing catch up.   (311 days but who is counting)  I guess it is time to think about ordering some spring bulbs and getting them in now, between the rain.

So much rain, my pond is overflowing.

So for stitching, I finished the second of four Halloween ornaments and started the third.   I knew these would be quick if I just put the time in.   I need to get these stitched so I can figure out how I want to finish and then attack Halloween Quaker that is 80% done.   It's time to get back to that one.

I bet I can know her out this week.

OK, I am off to attack the day starting with to finish putting up the fall decorations and a good chance there will be some stitching while listening to the rainfall.

Thanks for stopping by and keep on stitching!

Monday, September 3, 2018

End of Summer

Weather-wise it may not be the end of summer where you live and kind of may not where I live if you look at the heat and humidity coming our way.

For me, it has been a different summer.   I don't feel like I got to enjoy it.   A myriad of reasons not the least of which was the oppressive weather or the torrential rain.   But that is what I like about where I live.....when you have had it up to here with the weather, the season changes.  Looking forward to a nice cup of tea or glass of wine sitting on the deck in the coolness of fall.

I was treated to a second week-long visit with Sweet William.   We didn't do anything but play trains, go swimming, have family over and play in the sandbox, (pseudo sandbox) .....Dam-mom dumped two bags of play sand in the bag yard and he was thrilled.   He left and we raked it into the woods.  So not much stitching time but I wouldn't change little boy hugs and "play me dam-mom" time for needle and thread any day.

Will and pop-pop talking guy stuff
And to think, none of us are allowed on pop-pop's gator.....Will was even allowed to eat popsicles while "driving"
Of course, a trip to the custard stand and a big bowl of custard and Happy To's
The fall is now just around the corner.  My calendar is booked every weekend up until the middle of October!   Lots of fun things ahead.  I don't know if I feel like it but today I will take don't all the summer decor and summer flowers and summertime stitching and get out drag out the fall but I feel like I have no choice with the busy weekends coming up.   And I might just do only that, take down and drag out.   I will leave the packing away and the putting up to a couple of different evenings after work.

Now much stitching to share.  I finished the first and started the second of four little Halloween motifs.   They are so quick and easy that had it been wintertime I would have had all of them done.

I will be turning these into ornaments when I have all four finished....maybe not by this Halloween!

Not stitching but sewing just the same, I finished my Bionic Gear Bag from Craftsy.
 This will go to every sewing class/finishing class from now on.   It fact, it will just stay in my stitching bag.
 When it is unzipped, it forms a little tray in the front where you can corral pens, pencils, boo-boo sticks or even the matching Ort keeper I made....and it's a place to park some needles or clips on the side.

 Ever get to stitching night and forget your glasses or your scissors?   Not me anymore.   I will always have standbys ready for the times they are not in my project bag.  It will be like my toiletry bag for stitching......always packed and always filled with everything I need for a quick grab and go.  And so nice to have everything in one place.

Yes, ALL that came out of there.   I have but one disclaimer, although not difficult to make don't anyone get any ideas about adding one to their Christmas list from me.   A bit too much fussing and tugging and such to want to make another anytime soon.

A bunch of paperwork (estate work and paying bills) is looking at me from the other side of the table and I really NEED to tidy up some of my flower beds.   Between heat and rain the yard is so neglected!    Thanks for stopping by and keep on stitching!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

It's All About the Tools

I was lucky enough to spend most of the weekend in the city with daughter number one.   We had a great time together as always and each got a lot, craft-wise, accomplished!  To start, I came home to another delivery from Just Another Button Company.    Love this set just us much as the previous sets.   Can't wait to add those bees to something.    Have you seen their other series......Words with Buttons?    I'd love to join that one too but one auto-ship a month is my limit.   Maybe next year.

I was able to cut, piece and prepare the binding for the quilt top I finished earlier this summer.    Doesn't look  like much but it's another WIP that is one step closer to finishing.

I did finish stitching the Hands on Design Sunshine on a Stem this week.   A fast, easy stitch from stash.  I grabbed some fat quarters and trim before leaving for Philly and threw in my tote bag so I could  stitch it up into a pillow.    And I found just the right  place to use two of my JABCO buttons from this month's delivery.

Of course, one stitching project finished means time to start another.     I  plan to continue to enjoy the reward of some quick finishes.   I have kind of overwhelmed myself the last few years with too many BAP's and not enough stitching time so I am liking accomplishing some fast start-to-finish pieces.   My new start this week is the first of four little 3 by 5 Halloween designs.

I choose a turquoise blue fabric instead of white to save me from stitching the entire background in blue as charted.

And then I worked on this....actually this is what I started with....... until I hit a speed bump.   This is the Bionic Gear Bag from a pattern I got from  Craftsy.    I wish I had been able to finish it today.   I got to the next to the last step or page 34 of 35!   I got hung up with the binding that you attach and wrap around the seams allowances then do stitch-in-the-ditch from the back to 'capture' the binding on the other side.   This method rarely works for me.   There is always a place or two that I didn't catch.   But.....I tried it anything.   The result was the same as always.   Out came the seam ripper and I  hand stitched the side binding down like I should have in the first place.

Wonder clips!  My friends.

I can't wait to finish this tool kit and replace the Rubbermaid tub that lives in my sewing tote.

Couldn't have done the project without the Wonder Clips.

I can tell you, those Vera Bradley bags are worth every penny.  LOL

Not to worry, if this turns out as I believe it will....then I will post the finished project and ALL the tools I can stow in it.

I have to add the binding and zipper to the top and front and then I am done. Now for finishing this and other things this week.....doubtful.   My Little Man is arriving tomorrow for a week.   Just baby time and no stitching time for sure!

Thanks for stopping by and keep on stitching.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

A Hit and a Miss

It's too hot and hazy and just plain muggy to do anything outside and scattered showers are threatening.   So what's a gal to do?   How about consignment store shopping!   Look what I found......

I saw this piece sitting on the floor in one booth and was totally perplexed.   I thought, maybe a shoeshine kit?   I had no idea.   It is about 15 inches high and 12 inches wide with doors on both sides.  I went to pick it up and yikes!  I found out it swiveled.

 It is kind of funky and weird looking imagine how pleased I was when I opened it.
 OMGosh, some sort of sewing box.  What a hit!

I have some plans for changing out the knobs and painting it with chalk paint.  I bought the chalk paint at the same time and it cost more than this well made, solid wood thing-a-ma-gig!    I think it is a cool find.   As for my vision and when I actually execute it, well that's a whole other story.   It may take a long time for me to get around to this.

Also to stay out of the heat and general nasty 150% humidity, I have been doing some cleaning.   I went through half the kitchen cabinets tossing the outdate cake mixes (two kitchen trash cans full and half the cabinets still to do).  I've pulled furniture from the wall in the bedroom, family room living room to wipe down baseboards, washing windows, sweeping under chair now the drill.

Notice anything unusual?    Apparently neither did I for a a couple of weeks until I went to put away my Kreinik threads and thoughts.....where are the drawers?   Obviously I put it back in place backwards and didn't even notice it.   Geez, I am really observant aren't I? What a miss....

For stitching, I am enjoying this little piece.    I hope to finish it up this weekend and maybe even have time to pull fabric and finish/finish.

I am thinking I may put in tent stitches on what is the jar lid.

That's all I've got.   I see thunderstorms a'coming so I am off to my stitch chair.  Hope you all have a good week.   Stay cool, stay dry and keep on stitching.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Out of the mouths of babes

I was treated to a surprise visit from my D-in-L and grandson.   How fun!   I knew they were coming the last week of August but my wonderful D-in-L called and said, how about me and little man hop on the train and come to see you?  Of course I wasn't going to say no.    We had such fun and I just have to share this......

William or Will was looking at something in the dining room and was saying he wanted "happy 2's".   Happy 2's?   His mom explained that for his birthday and his dad's birthday (4 days apart), they celebrated together with cupcakes with sprinkles.   So because they sang Happy Birthday to you......he calls sprinkles Happy 2's.   Well this grandmom's heart just melted and thought it was cutest darned thing ever!    Needless to say we had Happy 2's on pancakes, on ice cream, one day just for the fun of it, Happy 2's in a paper cup and I was even forced to go to Diary Queen for custard with Happy 2's.
 Grandmom was smart to serve the ice cream outside!

 Someone thought the spoon was taking to long.

 Will had a blast riding his balance back in the same church parking lot his dad learned to ride a bike.

Now to back up some calendar-wise.  Way back on Fourth of July weekend my daughters came for our Third Annual Sew-A-Thon.  As always we just have the best time together.   I already shared the quilt I worked on but here is something else I did.    I have so many trims and needed a better way to keep them.  This is how some were stored.

 And remember this haul I got from Mood in NYC?

I downloaded a pattern from Etsy for ribbon and lace cards.   I printed off a bunch.   I used Modge Podge to put them on comic board and after a few coats and drying time, cut them out and viola'.......I made ribbon cards for neatly storing my trims.  They are roughly 3 by 5.  I debated about punching a hole in the top so I could store them on a ring.   I guess I can always go back and do that.

I am very happy with the result but believe it or not, I need to make some more!  and probably get a bigger basket!

And that brings me to a new start.  Sometimes I just long for a quick stitch so I can have a finish that doesn't take months (or years) to accomplish.  This pattern is from Hands on Design (a favorite of mine)  It is called Sunshine on a Stem.   I used fabric and floss from my stash so only one floss is the called for floss but it  makes it a no-cost stash-buster to stitch.

This should be a quick lunch-time stitch.    After I finish this I'd love to start to Laundry room series.

Until next time, thanks for stopping by and keep on stitching.