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Refreshed and returned

I am resting up from my visit with my son and his family.    Recovering meaning, wow, a Damma can get exhausted when she is in demand all day long....and now I am in need of catching up on emails, blog comments, laundry and pulling down all the jack-o-lanterns and Halloween stitchy stuff.  

Let's see, while there, we played games and read stories, made turkeys by tracing our hands on construction paper, giggled, had delicious meals and watched Frozen 2 a time or two.  It was good to get away and leave my worries behind.   

Daddy was being silly and spiked Will's hair.   

Little Miss is such a happy little baby.   She knows "so big" and can wave bye and clap her hands and......from the way she is traveling around the coffee table, she will be walking in no  time!

Each day we picked a location to hike.   One day was at Raystown Lake in Trough Creek State Park.   Raystown Lake is a 28 mile long lake that was created in 1973 by the Army Corp of Engineers when the river was dammed and the valley was flooded.  There were no crowds and almost no other hikers while we were there making it a safe outing.   The weather was gorgeous and it was wonderful to hear the sounds of nature and nothing else.    

 Of course my son has to go off the path with a toddler in hand and a baby strapped on his chest.

This is Balanced Rock from the parking lot.

This is Balanced Rock from the top.  It was a super easy climb to the top.

Afterwards, we went to the Overlook by the dam on the lake.   I just love how you can see forever.

 We were on a narrow peninsula that offered spectacular views.  Turning around 180 degrees, this was the view behind us. 

Following the path down from the other side of the parking area we found another awesome overlook.

Someone was very tired even though she did none of the walking!

On Sunday we explored Penn Roosevelt State Park and took a more level-ground hike.  

It was so good to visit and make memories.  We have FaceTimed twice each day since I got home because Will misses his 'best friend'.  

So enough of me and my blathering on about my kiddos, I do have a teeny tiny bit of stitching progress to share.   I have been able to stitch most of the lamb since I got home.   I need to get my needle back in gear to finish the stitching and get this assembled and ready to mail to Little Miss.  I set it aside on purpose while I was doing Coming to America but that ship has landed and everyone disembarked. 

Once the stocking is done, I want to concentrate on finishing my Blackwork SAL.  I know both can be completed pretty quickly and perhaps a third or even a forth WIP can be completed as well before the end of the year.   Since we seem to be going back into another period of isolation here's hoping stitchy progress can be made.  

Until next time, stay safe, stay healthy, thanks for stopping by and keep on stitching.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020


I think I found an answer to my one sidedness albeit no guarantees on how long I will be successful.   I stopped making daily lists and this doesn't work for me.   I need a routine.   I've told this is all part of retirement - setting a routine.  So I’ve got to pivot my focus.   No more just one more thread length, no more just one more chapter, no more just one more episode, no more just one more word game.   No-sir-ree    Come 7 a.m. no matter what I am in the middle of I am putting it aside and I am jumping on the treadmill for a half hour minimum.  Once done, I have been proceeding with my morning routine and by 9 a.m. I have walked, showered, made the bed, had breakfast, cleaned the kitchen and whatever needs to be done and the rest of the day is mine guilt-free!   I know......I know.....I am always gung-ho at the start of anything and quickly my attention drops off.....fingers crossed I can keep to it.

As for Wordless Wednesday, a little explanation.   I take photos of whatever I see that week that catches my interest.   It is especially easy if it is something in nature.  Some weeks it is more of a struggle than others.   On those weeks I branch out on a different path and use theme.  Take November 4th - the theme was things that are circles.   Every week won't be a theme but I can guarantee it will be some weeks.  Since I have a weird way of looking at things my theme may not always be obvious but hopefully it is all relatable.

Yes, ta-da.   I finished Coming to America on time.     I was 98% done on the weekend.  I finished up Tuesday and left my initials for the last day.   

I saw a post by FlameFingers on Instagram and had to copy the way she stitched a ship in the embroidery hoop.   

I also added the finish date when adding my initials.    
I really enjoyed this stitching this piece and especially enjoyed all the FB and Instagram groups that helped created a comradely.    

This is the first piece I used my Rolaframe for.   Thank you Shirley for your generous gift of this scroll frames.   Looking forward to putting another project on them.

Off to up a WIP.

Until next time, thanks for stopping by, stay safe, stay healthy and keep on stitching.

Wordless Wednesday #13