Sunday, September 15, 2013


I think I may have mastered the art of getting side tracked to the Olympic level.   Take this past weekend....started sorting the magazines on my coffee table, then to a journey through my WIP's, which lead  to putting away random floss and overall organizing of my flosses, somehow I got into my quilting fabrics, which morphed into cleaning closets.   By mid-day, I think I have 5 different projects going with none near completion.  It all started because I wanted to create a 'shopping list' for my upcoming retreat at the beach.  End result, while in the midst I had a mell of a hess going on, I did manage to sort, clean and organize several craft related areas and did a good cleaning of the entire upstairs.

Since I finished my Jeannette Douglas class piece I have done almost no stitching.  But my little sorting exercise has put the reminder forefront in my mind - way to many works in progress.   Some needed missing floss, some are from Christmas in July, some just need a few days or stitches or an embellishment or I have a path forward.

I seem to have gotten myself into a rut.  I so wanted to get that class piece done I was doing little more than coming home from work and sitting to stitch.   After a day of drama and stress at work - AKA Menopause Manor - 11 women/8 men on the Executive floor can lead to days filled with days of drama - I found myself just flopping on the sofa after dinner and just staying there the rest of the rest of the evening just stitching or roaming the internet.   Brainless activity trying to recover from a stress of the day.  Not a good thing for the waistline or the backside!  I am trying to get better motivated.  I told myself if I could come home in the summer and jump around in the pool for a at least an hour most evenings, then I can stay off the couch and get some things in and around the house done and not save them all for the weekend.    I think it is time to reintroduce the treadmill into my daily routine.

 This is normal.   This is how I found Buddy after I went to get a fresh cup of coffee just now.

Buddy wants to be center stage.    Little too difficult to stitch with him on my lap.  He likes attention and climbs on my lap when I sit to stitch or do computer work.

 A restful Buddy - trust me - he is just waiting to pounce!

Buddy helps me sort my needlework patterns.

                 I have never had a cat that demanded so much attention and I am loving it.

I think he has found his throne.

Life with Buddy has been interesting.   He is really a people cat and wants lots of interaction.  It is so wonderful to be greeted when I come in the door by his meowing and purring.   We have settled into a routine of playing for a few minutes and more playing and brushing after dinner each evening.   My allergies have really kicked up and I do hope it is a seasonal issue and not my new kitty. We are still settling into a sleeping routine and I am not getting much sleep.   Buddy not only has his days and night mixed up as well he as wants to to be in bed with me...but not by my feet.   He wants to lay on my chest, my head and just about anywhere he deems comfortable. Seems to be a theme. I am thoroughly enjoying this cat.  He sure has personality.

OK, that's my little bit of catching up.....hope to have some stitching to share soon.  


cucki said...

Your kitty is so sweet.
Hugs x

Anonymous said...

Oh how handsome is Buddy! I am so glad that he is working out for you. We have three and they are so much fun and company.
I sure can relate to the stress at work. I don't realize how exhausted I am until I start the ride home, not to mention that it is dark by 7 p.m. and dark when I wake up!
Have a great weekend.
Shirley in Connecticut

Amy Thompson said...

Buddy's so handsome!!