Saturday, September 21, 2013

Has anyone seen

My missing mojo?  Kind of in a slump here.  No stitching or crafting or creating to report.  Worse yet, no motivation.  Hmmmm,  maybe it is due to not much sleep because Buddy likes to sleep on my head!   Think I will head out to Philly and a quilt show today to get those creative juices flowing and the crafting back in motion.  Hopefully I will have some stitching or sewing to report soon.


butterfly said...

I always start a new design , hope you find something at the show, hugs.

Magical Mysterytour said...

Not enough sleep is enough to kill anyone's mojo so my suggestion is get some sleep by banishing Buddy from the bedroom, he may not like it but it's better for you.

cucki said...

Oh dear
Sending you stitchy hugs x

Andrea said...

I think we all need that down time to get ourselves rejuvenated.
I'm afraid I wouldn't have pets in the bedroom.