Sunday, September 22, 2013

Retail Therapy Jumpstart

My retail therapy at the quilt show this weekend might have helped me get my mojo back.   It was an hour drive to the convention center with the sun roof open,  the radio up and blue sky above me. As I drove  I ran threw what could be causing my mental block with crafting......I came up with I am just working on the wrong project!  Simple as that.   We all know that you've got to feel that project or it just isn't happening.  I do have Grace Mason but it is my BAP and I was trying to decide on a smaller take along project isn't cutting it.

I do have a little big more done but this is my latest picture.   With the way I have the pattern folded for view, it is in 16 sections.  This is two sections of the  pattern.   Two down and 14 to go.   This is going to be my mainstay over the winter.

I always start a new project as a reward when I go on retreat.   Since retreat is in two weeks, I didn't want to start something new and have yet another UFO.  And after my 'sorting' and the ever so harsh reality of sooo many UFO's I thought I would tackle completing a few of my UFO's.  But alas, there is a reason they are UFO's.....I lost interest, tastes change, mistakes have been made so I just am not feeling it with any of them.   I was looking for some instant gratification type work by trying to complete a little Christmas in July ornie that I have frogged more times than I care to count.  

It looked so cute at the meeting but looking at this black and white rendition of the pattern has been frustrating.   It took me about a week of being frustrated and then I had my Ah-Ha moment and looked and found  a color pix on the internet.  Still not feeling it so that's what happened to my mojo.

Just some of my cheaters!
The other deterring factor in my stitching is my glasses.   I have been to the eye doctors three times in three weeks for new glasses.   I decided to again try contacts but we are having a problem finding just the right ones for me.  Hard to do when you need bi-focals.
I think I will just go back this week and order new frames with updated progressive lenses.

So for now, I will work on Grace Mason and just not have a project for lunchtime at work....

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