Saturday, February 21, 2009

One thing leads to another

You know how this happens....all of us one time leads to another. How me buying Hubby a TV leads to new furniture.

Let's see if you can follow this non-sensical progression. I bought my husband a flat panel tv for his birthday in December. My first mistake was not buying but assuming it would go in our computer room. However, it went to the "Man Cave" outback or what some would call a storage building. It's all good. He spends a lot of time in there and he loves the tv but I digress.

So now with this heightened viewing ability we (or rather he) have decided we need one for inside the house as well. This additional purchase is first to be made after tour (August), then before tour (July), then before mini-tour (June), then it was to be with the tax return. So you get the picture. Needless to say, that plan went out the window and we already have the tv, it is mounted on the wall above the fireplace and has been in place several weeks. And again I digress.

So because we are now viewing tv in the family room more often, I needed more light for evening sewing. Enter the accomplice. Floor Dazor Light/Magnifier.

Today as I puttered around the house waiting for a repairman man, I cleaned and scrubbed and dusted and swept. I kept smelling the smell of marshmallows roasting. I look high and low, inside and outside to the neighbors and begin to think I am goofier than I thought. So what do I do, I light a candle. Of course, to make it smell nice for when the repair man gets here. You know that window of between noon and 6 pm.

My cleaning has progressed from the computer room, to the kitchen, to the bath, to the living room and now I am tidying up the family room and then I see it......a hole burnt into my sofa cushion from the sun shining through my magnifying glass. For a moment it took me back to the Lord of the Flies and using the eye glasses to start a fire......

Follow the progression below, #1 the culprit - the tv, #2 the accomplice - the magnifying light, #3 - the resulting burn in the marshmallow foam stuffed cushion and last #4 the solution to avert further tragedy - the cover aka the quilted tote bag. And that is why I have to go furniture shopping. Not really. I can plump and tuck the burnt part to the back and no one will be the wiser!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Flying Colors - Just Nan - Really went out there on a limb - at least for me - with my color choice for this pillow but I like the final result. Debating about replacing the buttons with larger ones.

This other finish is from a rediscovered completed cross stitch project. This is part of the months of the year from Shepherd's Bush. I completed the stitching on 6 of the 12 and put them away and never did the finishing work. I like the whole upholstered block look but I am no so sure about the bow. Another view showing the dimensional view.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I LOVE this site.

Great ideas, easy to follow directions!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Calling all UFO's

I mean to tell you I didn't realize I have so much sh&% until I started sorting. I know I have STUFF but I really didn't remember all that I had.

It was almost like window shopping to dump and sort and let me fingers flip through charts as my mind raced at what to do next. Somewhere along the way I came across a jumble of projects that I finished stitching but I didn't do the finishing itself. So one stop and $58 later at Joann's, I have an assortment of fat quarters of which I will use to do the finishing.

Not wanting to do the same old thing and frame this and that, I found a neat little stand to sew and stuff and display. I hope I can accomplish as easily as the directions make it seem. That's the plan anyway for these three Shepard's Bush monthlys. I have the Feb and March complete, April is somewhere and I need to stitch Jan, and August through December! I was quite proud of myself that I kept up with the autoship for six months but alas.........

So, while millions, I mean MILLIONS, are watching the Super Bowl.....I for one will follow my own drummer and be content to stitch, stuff, tuck, turn and hopefully complete a couple of projects.

PS The best laid plans......I curled up on the sofa and watched the commericials on the new flat screen tv. My drummer was not drummer too loudly I guess.