Friday, July 31, 2009


I am so mentally fried from the past week that I have done nothing since I arrived home but surf the internet and play solitare or POGO games. What waste of potential stitching time. Although I adore and live for stitching I guess I needed even more mindless entertainment. Getting ready to start a new side on my Etui and know I will have some thinking to do so rather than start......I played Majong tiles! Oh well......I am rested so much so that my butt is asleep! and now I am tearing myself from this computer that has so effectively sucked the life from me this week and these past two hours and I am off to put needle and thread to linen and make progress.......maybe I should read up on English and run on sentences the next time internet sucks the life out of me.................I must remember to send Al Gore a thank you note.

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