Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More va-ka pix

These were the prettiest little flower and so vibrant. I need to do a search through my books to try to identify them. They made a great border planting.

AAAAHHHHHH, the crepe myrtle. I one some! Such artistic lines, pretty flowers and long blooming season. Seems they grow in my zone too. (When I published this shot and check out the blog, I realized I took the pix of the squirrel not the tree. Oh I must be an enemy of the squirrel revolution to have overlooked the squirrel on the barrel.)

This was one of many birdhouses. When we asked, we were told they were to catch 'squab' (pigeon) for dinner. Some little doors the birds could fly in and out of and others they could fly in....never to fly out again.

Some pictures of the Governor's Palace and gardens.

The back view of the palace.

Some of the gardens behind the palace.

I have been back to work two days and have already logged over 21 hours! I know I have about 50 things I could do around the house and yard but I am just going to sit and sew until I fall asleep in the upright position. Some people don't understand how completely relaxing my sewing is. No time to think about a credit card conversion and hierarchy to be created; no time to time about the brief that has to be filed by Friday; no time to time about enforcing document management. I will be thinking of what color thread and what stitch will I do next.

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