Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ups and downs

My opinion -- Although weddings can be stressful, the planning and activities along the way to the altar should be a time of enjoyment and not turmoil. Ok, I feel better now.

I am off to my guild meeting. We are learning to create a'pumpkin' style pincushion. We were to pre-stitch our two sides and in my usual style, I finished mine last night. (posting after completion in class - the finished product

Been spending time helping my son and his fiance get their yard ready. She is having relatives in this weekend who have not seen the house. Unfortunately R & M have not weeded their flower and vegetable gardens for weeks. So here comes mom with her claw scratcher and her five-in-one (love this tool) garden tool. I realize it is hard for them with the hours they work, having a 7 year old and keeping up with classes. Mom loves to help where she can.

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