Sunday, July 26, 2009


Vacation is over and it is back to reality tomorrow. Had a fabulous time in Williamsburg VA. It has to be the friendliest town in America! Seriously. We - my girlfriend and I - had a great time. It must have been good because we stayed an extra day. Our hotel was three blocks from Merchant Square. We walked everywhere. It was not long before I fell in love with the Crepe Myrtle. What are these trees? A secret of the south? I need to put some major thought in to how I can incorporate a couple in my landscape. We did run out Richmond Road and went to the Pottery and the Yankee Candle Store.

OMG! Yankee Candle Store was awesome. There was a room with Christmas trees all decorated and it was snowing at the entrance. Of course I know it was fake. The attention to detail was fantastic. I asked if this was the corporate headquarters for Yankee Candle and the salesgirls said no. CH is in Deerfield MA and is five times at big at this one. Got the absolute cutest lip balm that looks like a Yankee Candle but is the size of chapstick. I am going to have to put that Massachusetts connection to work and make a side trip on my next visit to Mass.

Of course, I didn't leave without buying XXXX-Stitch stuff! The Colonial Bag is from the Dewitt-Wallace Museum. They has a fabulous collection of quilts and clothing from the 18th century. I bought the the Quaker Medallion/Ackworth Pinkeep from the Mary Dickinson Shop and the little soldier frpm Everything Williamsburg.

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