Saturday, July 4, 2009

WIP's Status

First a photo of ~new~ leaflets I purchased at Salty Yarns!
The Anne Hathaway Cottage Needle Book and the stitched and stuffed Acorn have already made it into the mail and into the hands of my daughter's as gifts for each of them to stitch. As if they don't have enough WIP's as well. Unfortunately because of work (work) and yard work and jobs around the house, I have not stitched any notable amount in weeks. Hmmmm, I wonder if that could account for the general mood?

I am a new fan of Little House Needleworks and can't wait to start one of those. Just need to decide which will be first. Also, as I look at my collection, I remember that while at the B&B in June, I started and completed the Pine Mountain My Cup of Tea.
It was fun to start and finish something so quickly. Makes me question why I pick such big projects all the time!!!! I still need to sew a pillow to put inside the sleeve.
As for my Etui ~ Yikes!!! Not as much completed as my memory had it. Better get stitching!!!!

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