Sunday, October 18, 2009

(Near) Finishes

I had hopes that by the end of the weekend I would have the bottom of my Petit Sampling Etui completed but obligations got in the way.   The community theater group that I am part of ---- worker bee, not a stage bee! --- had our annual follies this weekend so it consumed much of my potential stitching time.   The pink in the center is hard to see.  I am closing the gap on the border and hopefully will be able to finish it this evening.    Second, is my Dinah Sampler Name Tag.   I needed to work on something I could complete rather than this etui that is consuming so much stitching time with more to do.  The name tag is from the Nan Tyson Euler class I took in early September.   This is not the best picture since I just wanted to get the shot and get it posted.   Nan incorporated in her class the story of Dinah, slave to the Logan family of Philadephia, and how she saved the families possessions from the British while the familiy was abroad.    I just need to complete the last band on the sampler and then the finishing into the name tag.   I know I will be able to move both of this to the finished column by the end of the week.   At last, a finish!


CindyMae said...

Those both look gorgeous! I have to stitch up smalls some times that I can finish quickly to get me motivated!!

Robin said...

I love the big projects but they leave me little time to do something else. And they seem to take forever to finish. I already vowed no more SAL's for me for a while once I am finished with my current two!