Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sign of the seasons changing

I like all seasons. Each has an element that I start to crave as I grow tired of the current season. Like so many things as I grow older, the pages on the calendar seem to fly off and bring the change of the seasons without me knowing what happened to the last one.

I rode through town on Friday on my way to work rather then jumping on the interstate.  I had to stop at the gas station on my way in.    Lou's Sunoco.   OMG  Lou's has been there since I was a child.  I remember growing up and Lou was in the National Guard with my brother-in-law but I digress.   Lou still works everyday and pumps gas when the lines are long.  And they are frequently for he has the best price.   As I road through the tiny village (seriously) where my elementary school used to be before it was torn down and a credit was put in it place,   I passed the park where we had our school picnics.   The township road department was there preparing to install the roll upon roll of snow fence.   I don't want to assume everyone knows what snow fences are so I will take my camera to work one morning and stop to photograph these harbingers of winter.   Snow fences are typically temporary fences erected along open roads where wind could cause drifting during snow storms.  I'm thinking it may be a bit early but I guess the road department has it on their calendar and know what they are doing.

As I proceeding to the bridge I was greeted by another sure sign winter is not far behind.   The grass cutters were out cutting all the wild flowers down in preparing for winter.   At lot of the approaches, medians and cloverleaves on the interstate are teeming with wild flowers rather than grass.   A pretty ingenious idea I think.   No care, all self-seeding and it drastically reduces the amount of grass to be cut and saving the  township and state money man hours spent cutting the grass.  It is beautiful to see everyday as I travel to work.  The cosmos, shasta daisies, black-eyed susans and more, all waving and moving in the breeze.  Now gone and soon too be roadways lined with snow fences.

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CindyMae said...

In my area, we do not get a lot of signs the season is changing. I wish we did though. I love to hear about what people do experience at the change of seasons though. Thanks for sharing!