Saturday, December 26, 2009

12 Days of Christmas Winner

Stitchers Village was having a 12 Days of Christmas Contest.   You were to go to the site each day and email in the name of the featured shop/designer for a chance to win.   The very first day I enrolled.....I won.   Here is what I received from Arachnes Silk Web!  They also included all the teeny-tiny tatted pieces!  Replying to Karyn's comment....Yes!  You termed it perfectly.   It does make you feel like a llittle girl again and all excited inside and makes you want to squeal. 

To Karyn:   Karyn - What a difference a day makes! Here in South Jersey, this time last week we were digging out from 24 inches of snow; this time yesterday we were being pelted with inches of rain and today..............the snow is gone, the ground is rainsoaked and the sun is shining!  Yes, the weather on the east coast if interesting!!!

To EvalinaMaria:  Nothing compares to your -34 degress last week!!!! Triple BBBRRRR!!


EvalinaMaria said...

Congratulations Robin! You are a lucky girl! Happy Holidays and happy New Year to you and yours.

Karyn said...

OH Robin, it's beautiful! Don't you just love winning contests? I become a little girl all over again :) Congrats!

Your new camera take amazing pics, and your tree is beautiful. Your cat is gorgeous, and I am sad to say that we have the same rain in CT today :) Lovely east coast huh? NOT LOL

Enjoy your new treats.


Meari said...

Congrats on winning!