Saturday, December 12, 2009

I am leaning a lot about BATS

Apparently the little incident a couple weeks ago with a BAT in the house was not a fluke event.   It seems it was more than a bat navigating it's way in a door left open too long.    I got a text message while attending my Christmas Pary last night.   It was from my D-in-L that she was at my house and we had another bat in the house.  

It is now over 12 hours since I got the message and I have not seen him!!!  I kind of slept with my pj's pulled up around my ears.    I did learn a lot by doing an internet search and in part I am less afraid of the BAT but then in part more nerved out.   

So needless to say not much stitching going on last night.   I was totally imagining things our of the corner of my eye moving.  It was a long week and by the time I sat down and started watching my DVR of House, I dozed right off.    I did manage to accomplish a bit during the week though.   Mr. Wonderful had a standard minor surgerical procedure so I had 2 1/2 hours in the (your driver must stay onsite) waiting room.  I also managed to stitch a bit at my Guild meeting.   One of the ladies was sharing and demo-ing Tokens and Trifles which I had not signed up for.   I am learning restraint!  I am learning I don't need to add every stitching projects that tickles my fancy to my WIP pile.   I even worked a bit on side three of my etui.   So all in all, considering the season and the hecticness of schedules I feel good about my progress.

I am off to my other Guild meeting this morning for our ornament exchange and home to decorate.   I have never been this late in deocrating.  I have myself behind the 8-ball with so many things on the to-do list that I am in a self-imposed state of being overwhelmed.   I released myself from that 'weight of the world' mess by following my long known mantra  ----  touch it once/handle it.   It always works at work with projects big and small and especially those you don't want to do.  So today when I return home, I will touch it once, do whatever I have to start to finish and cross it off my list.....before I know it I will have the house picked up and some decorating done.   and then stitching, hopefully bat free, this evening.

Update - last BAT siting was Friday night.   It is now Sunday morning and we have not seen the damned thing again.   We have shaken window valances, opened closets and nil, nada, nothing...........except for a call to our pest control guy.   He will be here on Monday!

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SparkCrafted said...

all the more reason to come up asap tomorrow evening! bat-free stitching!!!!