Monday, March 29, 2010

WIP Completion Project!

Just because I have to be confusing........I decided to extend my WIP project and give-a-way.   Truth be told, I am not a super woman and cannot expect to finish some of my WIP's in 4 weeks time!  So hey, what do you think would be a good time frame?    I was going to say June 17, the first day of summer; then I thought of Labor Day/start of the school year and I ended up with a date in the middle!   Let's get this going and add another wrinkle.   Let me repeat the rules, share the change to the deadline and add a step. 

This is my quest to tie up the loose ends. We have all done it....come within stitches of completing a project and gotten wooed away to another.  It is almost like being an unfaithful tart when I put it that way!   For whatever reason, we all have WIP's that we need that extra little encouragement to complete.   So here it is!  Join me in the WIP Completion Project!

To be part of the WIP  Completion Project:
1. Post here info about your finishes and I will have a give away on May 1st. July 18th revised date!!
2. Comment to this POST ONLY -  Not to worry/Hazel and Raven  I got you covered from your earlier responses! 
3. It is not necessary to post a link on your site to my site but you can.
4. It is not necessary to be a follower but you can.
5. Post a reply to this post about a project you've have in the pile for a least a year that finally finished it.
6. Your name will be added one time for each older project you finish between now and July 18th.
7. NEW - Post on your blog a before and after picture and let us all know about it.
8. Be sure to include your contact information.
9.  All that random generator number stuff to select a winner!!!

I will have to provide an update of what the give a way will be since the idea just popped into my head this second! There I go again, starting something anew when I have a pile to still do! Just think how good you will feel to get one of those items done/completed/finished!  Feel free to include any tidbit of info or story about your piece!
Now let's get stitching!


SparkCrafted said...

i like July 18. :-P

Catherine said...

I left a comment before, do I need to repeat?

I like the new date!

Mare said...

I am not making any promises because I hate posting WIP photos but I do have a bunch hiding somewhere. Some are so old I have forgotten who they were for or just how old they are. But in May I will go digging and see if I can make a dent in a few of them. And if you decide to extend your date further all the better.

Tracy J said...

My only work in progress finish is only 6 months old. I started The Gathering Room in December and then I put it away until June and completed it last week. Photos are on my blog. This probably won't count though because it was less then a year old.