Saturday, May 1, 2010

A lodger for the summer

Seems Mr. Wonderful thought I was a bit ridiculous placing some rocks on top of each other at the corner of my pond.   Oops! HIS pond.   Funny, it was a stupid idea to want to put one in and he offered no assistance - just shook his head at me - but now it is HIS pond and HIS fish and I am not to mess with them......this was all prior to him transformation by alien forces to being Mr. Wonderful.   But I digress, so, he wanted to know why I was placing the rocks there.  Well it seems we have a big old bull frog who has decided to summer in our pond.   Since he is not used to the extra foot traffic of the summer he would try to get out as we would walk in the area and be frantic.  It was like he was doing jumping jacks standing on the submerged ledge and doing his best little frog dance to get out.   So I explained, the rocks were for him to climb on so he could get out and to sun himself on.   Mr. Wonderful thought I have gone round the bend as he does with so many things I do and just shook his head in the all too familiar way....but the proof is in the pix! Mr. Frog is hard to see in this photo; he is to the left of the black hose hiding under the cover of the periwinkle vine.  Below Mr. Frog suns himself on his appointed rock.

I find that as I have gotten older, I need more frequent breaks from the yard work and that is what I am going right now. A big old glass of crystal lite and a Weight Watchers Chocolate Raspberry Popsicle!

I hope everyone is up to their elbows in mulch and yard work and really enjoying this gorgeous first of May.  It is a hard choice to have to make between yard work and stitching but for today the stitching will have to wait until this evening and I fear it will be machine stitching on my quilt top for class on Tuesday.

Enjoy the day and thanks for stopping by.

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Irene said...

I'm sure Mr. Frog appreciates the rocks. Looks like he is enjoying himself.