Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wrapping up some WIP's

I put out a challenge a while back for a give-a-way...........the challenge was to find a WIP and move it from the WIP basket to the completed project side.    I know I have tons of things that I start filled with excitement and anticipation of the project at hand.....I somehow get lured away by something shiney and new that I can't live without stitching.....I was doing a grand sort out (I dis-a-vow any knowledge of trauma associated with grand sort outs that my children might recall from episodes of cleaning their rooms when growing up).  When sorting and culling and purging my stash I was first amazed then horrified that I had so many WIP's.  Hence the challenge went out.

Yesterday when I went to my LNS - not that local, I traveled in 3 states to get there and none of those was state of confusion, I thank you very much.  I took one of my WIP's to be framed and shopped for give-a-way prizes. 

These are not them!  These are three nicey nicey's I picked up for myself.   Justification - early birthday presents!.   Please ladies visit your LNS...the internet just does not do these justice.
I know the internet is easy and quick and I sure do make purchases via the internet.  But I sure do like to go and see things in person and if we don't support our shops they will end up closing.....ok, that's my rant on that and I have no affiliation with any LNS!
Now for the finishes
  • I finished a lace shawl - a new start and not a WIP but a start and a finish that occupied time that I could not devote to a WIP - Justification!
  • I made progress on my stitching room - not finished - a true WIP
  • Between The Sheets, Nan Tyson Euler class piece - WIP Completed
  • Sweetheart Tree Graduation Sampler - WIP Completed
  • Flower Girl Bag - another new start not a WIP - Completed
  • I completed my first quilt! Table top size - Completed
  • Wedding Sampler for my son - WIP Completed
So my scorecard is not that great.....I completed three WIP's, started and completed three new projects and added only one new WIP to my I figure I end up two ahead in some crazy kind of new math.  Going forward my efforts are to be concentrated on completing Drawn Thread Love and Wisdom, assembling Ellen Chester/With My Needle My Petite Sampling Etui and Blue Ribbon Designs A Little Quakeresque and trying not to start anything without a finish first.  Yeah, I'll let you know how it works out. 

And now, on to the winner(s)and prize.....ummmmmmm, could I delay more....this is what I picked up as prizes........A Carriage House Sampler, fabric and floss, some random floss and a cute JBW...... for the winner............well, I think bloggers are all winners and all wonderful,  so I chose two winners:    Mare and Catherine!  Please email me at with your addresses.    

And let me I am going to round out with winners 3, 4 and 5 as RAK (random acts of kindness) on my Tracy J., Hazel and Raven (Misssy).  Your goodies area a Little House chart, assorted floss, a thread cutter and a design tablet seen to the right.  Please pass along your mailing addresses to and I will get your goodies out to you as well....all of us should  be commended for the good ole college try.


Tracy J said...

Thank you for choosing me for an rak, what a treat!

Mare said...

Love your new goodies! Congrats on the finishes, especially the WIPs. And what fun it was to see that I won something. I sent you an email with my address and I look forward to my surprise. Thanks a bunch!

Sherry said...

How nice, Robin, of you with your giveaways...and I am curious - did you finish/finish your projects? I play a game in my mind to justify starting something new, but I count it finished when it's done stitching...not to come up with a game for those things sitting in a basket upstairs in the sewing studio that need to be framed, pillowed, much I want to do, so little time! I'm a new follower on your blog - love it!!

Catherine said...

Congrats on coming out ahead on your WIPS! All your new goodies look fabulous!

You are so kind - thanks for the win! I'll be off to email you shortly!

So sweet to RAK three as well!

Raven/Missy said...

Thank you so much for choosing me for a RAK. I'm very grateful and all excited too!

Any progress with old WIPs counts as a good thing and you've progressed on more than one, YAY YOU!

Hazel said...

Wow! That will teach me for goign AWOL from blogging! Just about to mail you. xx