Friday, August 6, 2010

Take me back to vacation!

Red one in the center is the home of the founder of Norton Antivirus!
Community park in Oak Bluffs MA

View from Gay Head - Aquinna Lighthouse

What vistas from Aquinna!

Aquinna Lighthouse

Signs of seaports

Cottage House

More of the cottages

Of course, I always photograph the flowers!

Octagonal Tabernacle

Stained glass at top of tabernacle

View from inside of open air tabernacle

That first week back from vacation is downer.   I am not a napper but was exhausted and took a nap when I got home today.  Back to work and somewhere and something to do each night. 
Every time I go away on vacation I am taken away by the beauty my country has to offer.  I leave having found a new place that I'd love to live.  No offense to foreign travelers or other countries but when asked why I don't travel abroad...........there is too many beautiful things I need to see in my own country. 

My BFF, Deb, who I travel with, and I have not decided where we will vaca next year but I know it will be wonderful filled with wonderful things to see and do.

Not much stitching going on.  Catching up on yard work, things around the house and board reports.   The wedding is looming and the bride had her fitting today only to have a dress so tight she can't breath!  $475 for alterations and she is crying tonight.   She says it is way way too tight.   I recommended she go back to the bridal store tomorrow with her mom and request they let it out at least an 1/8th inch on each side.   That will give her an extra half inch and hopefully feel a bit better.   Weddings favors are all done!  Yeah!  Specialty chocolates in organza bags with a tie on with the bride and grooms initials and another tie on listing the website where the photos will be available.   I will have to photograph and post them.  Right now they are boxed up safety and in the fridge out of the reach of those who may be tempted to try a treat or two.


natalyK said...

Love the pics from your vacation. I live in the area and seem to never be able to get to the islands.

Deborah said...

Your pictures of the Vineyard are beautiful. I live in the area and I do try to get to Nantucket ( my fav) and the Martha's Vineyard at least once a year.

April Mechelle said...

I just found your blog. I have enjoyed reading and looking at your beautiful pictures !

Hazel said...

Wow lovely pics. Looks like you had a great time. x