Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Stuff

We all know 'stuff' is good and for those of us who remember George Carlin, he knew all about 'stuff'.   I have some 'stuff' for sharing......

A new blog with a giveaway - Harvest Moon Hollow.   It is a new blog so the giveaway is in celebration of the blog and the Etsy shop.

Now for some real treats - at least for me - and I am sure for some of the others who visit here.   These two blogs are ones my daughter forwarded to me.   They are "Crafting" and "Stitching" and not necessarily cross stitch.   But hey!  We cross stitchers are sewers and crafters, right?

The first one is "uCreate".  My daughter kept sending me neat/awesome/totally fantastic projects from this thing called "uCreate".  Dah!  It's a blog.  So as of this morning, I am a follower.   I haven't really looked around the site yet but know I have seen some awesome things from the "Creative Guest" tab.   Like this zig-zag pillow.  I love how it is shown how to do it with on continuous piece of fabric!

The next site is "Stash Manicure".  Again, I have not been all through the site, but what I have seen so far, I am liking.  

There is something soothing about fabric squares all folded and sorted and piled.  Some people would like to roll around on satin sheets in a sea of money....but I would be happiest rolling around on a comforter surrounded by threads, fibers and fabrics!  I love to go to other sites to see how people do things, to have some eye candy, to get learn a thing or two.

I can hear it now...what my daughter is thinking......OMG, Mom has too much free time on her hands!

I hope you enjoy my new finds!

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SparkCrafted said...

must be your other daughter thinking that because i'd be right there with you. :-)