Saturday, September 4, 2010

whacked out reasoning

I am such a scatterbrain.......or maybe easily sidetracked would be a better description.  I am always going in several  directions at once...........and I seem to stitch the same way......meaning several projects at once.    I made a promise to finish some things before I started anything new but my will power is waning.  But but but  I am in the mood to stitch up something fall and Halloweenie.......something small and not an undertaking of epic proportions like I usually do (remembering proportion is a relative term!)  I need a diversion from my current stitch.        I looked over the list of things I had completed for 2010 and found I completed 9 in 8 months and that little imp on my shoulder said......"go ahead, you've been good" so I am off to check out my stash for some Halloween quickies!  There wasn't much convincing needed.   Maybe it's the beer.   As I stated before I am not a beer drinker however, I worked in the two sheds today cleaning and sweeping and sorting 'stuff' and sat down with Mr. Wonderful to watch the end of the Notre Dame game from the bar stools in his 'cleaned' shed and had a beer.  It sure did mellow me out.  Off to the stash cabinet and I will let you know what I come up with!

continued after my stash hunt.........

Not too big, but 40 ct!

some possibility here

another the fabric

nothing to do with halloween but I love the floss and it seems to be a quick stitch
hmmmmmmmmm, got some thinking to do here......


chris_stitch said...

Robin, I hope you found the perfect project to celebrate fall!


Jennifer said...

I'm not a beer drinker either but when we went to Boston this past April, we were introduced at Cheers restaurant to Summerale, it's a seasonale beer and it is wonderful, has a little bit of a lemon zest. It's as Samuel Adams one. Goooooood!


Hillery said...

Robin, it's called Adult ADD, and I have it too. Ha Ha. I am serious though. I think I do have it. I can't stay on one thing for long ever. Too Many Projects, Not Enough Time. We should make that an acronym. TMPNET.
Have a Great Day.