Sunday, October 24, 2010

Taking my own advice

Well kind of.......I did clean my kitchen and dining room; and I did finally finish putting up the fall decorations; and I did do a bit of paperwork.............and that is where my resolve stopped.    Of course, since I am known to "make do" rather than show patience and wait until I have the right supplies.........I crackled my $0.99 frame from Michael's.   I went with the blue under the brown.   I have blue accents in my dining area and didn't want overwhelming blue but rather a hint of blue.    My paint job is not so swift.....because again rather that come inside, go upstairs, root around for the right brush............that impatient side came out and I used the brush I had.    I may have to sand it down at a later date and repaint, but for now, it's  a finish!  

And of course I started the Bent Creek Pumpkins on a Hill.......because I have no restraint.  lol.   
I promised myself to stitch only through Curb Appeal, Hammer Heads and then Holmes on Homes.....for the morning at least. Off to grocery shop, then switch out seasonal clothes and then Gaver's soccer game. I think I will roast a chicken and after soccer and dinner, sit down to stitch some more.......after, of course the dishes and writing bills and balancing the checkbook.   *Balance* - it's all about *balance*.

Great day to all. Enjoy it no matter what you choose to do.


Catherine said...

I love how your frame came out! It looks very primitive and worn from what I can see.

Blu said...

Nice job on the framing.

Cute new start.