Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Start

My latest start - JBW French Country ABC's.

I am working on my Drawn Thread Love and Wisdom sampler which was a group project with my guild 2 years ago.   I kept up with them through the first 6 to 8 months but all my stitching time was devoted only to it and I got frustrated by all the other projects calling to me from the stash pile!

I am more than halfway but even after two nights of stitching, the progress looks minimal but I am committed to keeping at it so I can make that WIP list shorter.  I decided to work on a WIP and alternate with a new *smaller* project at the same time.    I seem to get discouraged when I have a larger project and I get closer to completion in invisible increments.......ergo, a smaller project at the same time.  The smaller stitch with be my *traveling* stitchie thing that I take to work, take to a friends, etc. instead of the big bohemeth of a scroll frame and a Ka-billion colors.  

I'm curious, what does everyone else do?   One at a time?  Do you have bags labeled for each day of the week (just like our underwear used to be LOL!!!)    and stitch from Tuesday and Tuesday?  Do you have 'traveling' projects?  Do you have an array of starts and work on whatever your mood? I guess there is no one size fits all and it is whatever works for you.    Whatever your method, I hope you get in some stitchie time this weekend and are able to see some progress.

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Jodie said...

Haha...I hear ya! I tend to stop stitching altogether when I get frustrated with larger projects. I guess maybe because I have a tendancy to get bored easily in general, stitching on one large piece at a time isn't really an option. I have a couple larger WIPs and several small ones. I always have some sort of small one on the go that I take with me when I work at the museum because it gets quite slow sometimes...usually a Lizzie Kate because they're pretty quick and not too complicated :-) I read about a lot of people who alternate projects by weeks...if I could get myself organized enough to do that, I would..sounds like a great idea!