Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i-Challenge Progress

I am still having fun with this challenge.  Actually this part is more fun that the first 15 days......there is no pressure to have to stitch.....the fun part in digging into my bag and being surprised with what I am going to be working on.    

I made a *new page* off to the right where I am logging my progress and current pix.   I kept wondering and marveling at others who had special pages and imagining them to be computer geniuses on their day jobs.....only to finally realize the little button on the posting page that says ~New Page~.   I'm a regular Einstein! 

More stitches to get in tonight on my Pears.


Christine said...

Just have to say ~ Thank you for the explanation of how to do 'news' pages ~ Love the pic of the bird at the top of your page! ~ Love your choice of designs for the 15 (i) challenge ~ And last but not least, I love the piano music in the background!

Jodie said...

Soooo I just checked our your i-Challenge! I think I need to make myself one of these too, good idea!! I'm thinking you you probably add the Sheltering Tree to your know, just for good measure :-P and it would be fun haha!

SparkCrafted said...

You are a bit crazy. :-) BUT, you're making me want to pull out my cross-stitch WIPs and finish some things.