Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It's all about perspective.   Everyday I ride through a teeny tiny town on my commute home.   Seriously, it is less that 1 mile long and literally only 2 streets deep on either side of US 130.  Bordered by the river and a factory one side, a canal on another and the interstate on yet another, this is just a little pocket of place where nothing ever changes and that has never grown any bigger. 

Here is the perspective thing.......no matter how late I am at work, no matter what traffic delays beseige me, 99 times out of 100, when I roll through this town, I see the same man walking.   He is walking with a purpose.   For months, I have been thinking, I guess he is on the way to the bar in the middle of town.  Everyday, he is walking.  Does he have nothing else to do?  Yesterday I had a light bulb moment.   What if he is thinking the same thing about me......does all she do is drive through town?  

It all about your perspective..............and putting yourself in someone else's shoes to understand where they are coming from.  He could be on his way home from work having been dropped at the intersection; he could be on his way to babysit his grandchildren, he could be on his was to play cards with his friend, he could be on his way home from the Post Office......so many possible things and I was stuck on he was walking to the bar. Open your mind and think of the possibilities!!!!


Vonna said...

Or maybe he is just walking for his health because the doctor told him he has high blood pressure, or he had a heart attack last year or he just wants some exercise, some alone time, some time to sort his thoughts......some lady stopped and asked me why I was always out walking at 7 a.m. every day the other morning and asked if I needed a ride. Nope...just walking for my health, I said...so maybe your man is too? :)

diamondc said...

I believe he is your guardian angel making sure you are safe on the road.