Thursday, December 15, 2011

Counting the days (and stitches)

I am so fortunate to have a bunch of vacation left.   Today is my Friday and next week I have only three days to work.   I am ready for a break from the rat race.   The family will be here and that is ALWAYS fun.   My son and his family cannot make it home for the holidays but we are hoping to drive out for a visit between Christmas and the New Year. 

My laundry room re-do is still in a stack of flux!  Fortunately it gave me time to prime it one evening and paint it the next.  I love painting a room.  I mean not really love the painting as much as the outcome and the fresh and clean feel you get.    I am waiting for the floor to come in.   I am finding it amazing how many stores do not stock what they sell.  It all comes from a 'warehouse' somewhere days away.  I get it.  I  mean I understand the lack of outlay companies have to cover for warehousing at each and every location.  What is more amazing is the lack of knowledge of the salespeople.  Do they all take the same course to BS customers and promise the customer anything to make the sale?  I would like to see knowledgeable sales people that give you the real skinny on delivery dates.   It is the domino effect.......I can't wash clothes because the washer and dryer aren't installed because the floor hasn't come in yet again yesterday - the third promised delivery date and it is holding up the contractor from coming to the next person's house.  

Funny, the woman I spoke with yesterday....the shipping clerk at the flooring store and NOT a salesman.....gave me the honest answer......."No one should have promised you that floor to be delivered in less than 10 days.  It comes via truck from Georgia only once a week and has to be ordered one week in advance."   Gee the salesman told me when I ordered it on a Saturday, "That supplier delivers every Friday."   Silly me, I didn't ask the right questions, yes, a delivery is made but will my order be on it......Sorry, it was implied it would be when he said it will be shipped to us on Friday.  Had I know 5 days would turn to 14 I would have gotten a vinyl remnant!  Well, maybe not.    I am sure when I see my flooring, it will be worth the wait.

....I am running out of clean socks......I may have to visit the local Suds Your Duds with my clothes like Mr. W. did last weekend with his.......sorry for the rant.......just have to get it off my chest ....kind of getting on my nerves with my dining room piled high with stuff.  Tell me, how does work in one small room cause the ENTIRE house to be upside down?   Another mystery of the universe I guess.


SparkCrafted said...

been there recently with the crazy bathroom/dining room work. It's amazing that a small room can hold so much stuff! Or, as in the case of our dining room, that a room you mostly just walk through can lead to such a domestic disruption when it's put out of commission.

You can always bring your laundry to Philly. :-P

Jennifer said...

Oh Robin, I'm catching up on blog reading and what gorgeous floor you will have! I so want one, one day, right now just basement cement floor, but I've dreamed. ;)


Mindi said...

I get your frustration. I'd rather a salesman be totally honest with me, than just say whatever he thinks he has to to make the sale. The honest salesman is more likely to get repeat business.

I'm glad most of your family will be with you for the holiday season.