Monday, April 2, 2012

Before and after...

Remember the new front porch we put on last are the before, after and the end result....  I am learning to let someone else do the work that I can do. years past, I would have been the one to excavate, buy and lug the pavers, not sure how I would have accomplished busting out the old sidewalk, but, the new me.....hire someone!  They have all the tools.   My job is to keep the CEO and CFO at work happy and on target and it is someone else's job to bust concrete and lay pavers.   So awesome to come home from work and have this fab surprise waiting for me and I didn't even break a nail!

Before - November 2011
 After - December 2011
but not yet done......
 and, today, the end result!

I think I need something more substantial than my rubber boots stuffed with forsythia to make a statement.   I can see this will easily become a favorite spot to sit and enjoy an evening cup of coffee and watch the sunset from the steps.

On to the stitching front, I finished the pin cushion and placed the inside bottom into the etui.   All I have left to do now is to assemble the top or so I thought.   Seems when I lost my stitching mojo earlier this year, I also lost my memory on what was left to do.    I need to do the two rows of back stitching first, then I will be ready to assemble and attach the top.   No fear!  I have no doubt I will finish this tiny bit up before my class with Ellen Chester on April 14th and 15th.  

As for SP - Keys, just a little stitching going on. Stitch by stitch I am getting there.   More than halfway now.

Got the decorations up this past weekend.   Mr. W. actually promised not to tell anyone if I didn't put up the Easter decorations.   With my children not living near me, he said it is not like anyone is coming and will know you didn't do it.   But I do it for me as much as for the children.   

Yes, I have a tree up all year.  This tree used to be my mom's and perhaps that I why I keep it up all year....just like she did.   She had it in her bedroom and it was laced with tulle and of all things, costume jewelry.  Sounds tacky but not in the least.   My mom had a real touch at making things look like they just spilled off of the pages of a magazine.  She had both style and class.

I like the freshness and the color and of course, the fragrance (ah-choo) of the daffodils from my yard.  


Michele said...

The tree is so clever an idea! Your Mom had the touch just is that itself. LOL I have a tree that is pre-lit and 4ft tall that would be perfect for that! Beautiful pavers too. What a sweet etui. Like antique keys too, they look fabulous.

Catherine said...

Great job ~ your porch looks so inviting ~ I love the wider entrance!
Great stitchy progress!
Love that you have your tree up and use it all year!

dixiesamplar said...

Such a wonderful post Robin! Love your new front porch...and the stitching and decorating is lovely :o) so festive for Easter/Spring. Your etui is coming along beautifully !!

Christine said...

Wow - the porch looks great, the etui is amazing and you definitely have the Easter feel surrounding you. Congrats on all of it and thanks for sharing it with us.

Nancy said...

Nice home improvement job! I agree with you it's nice to have someone else do the work and just sit back and enjoy the finish! Lovely stitching! Your Easter tree is so pretty!

Cathy Pavlovich said...

Pretty front porch! So welcoming! We're having a little porch roof put on next week. There is no roof above our front door! This will make a big difference.
You've got some nice Easter decorations too.