Friday, April 6, 2012

Hi and low

Thursday was a bonus day off!    Annual Report done, submitted, CD's burned, packaged and 9,000 copies returned to my office at the end of the day Tuesday!  It sounds simple but it was a process that started in October 2011!  And since my envelopes were ready ahead of time, my copies are in the mail to bankers and investment types.   I only have to mail a very small portion with the majority done by our Investor Relations Dept.  So I decide to reward myself with a day off.   Usually we are awarded a "Good Health Day" if we use less than 12 hours sick time in the previous year, but this year we got two (2!!! days) Good Health Days awarded so I decided to take one and play in the yard.  

Bright and early I was sitting outside and listening to the world come alive while sipping my hot coffee.   The neighbor's front door shuts with that reassuring steel door thud.  I hear the garage door of the neighbor on the other side go up and down as she heads out to teacher school.   Ahhhh, birds chirping, the cat romping (truth be told - chasing a rock!), my daffodils swaying in the crisp morning air as I survey my domain and think how much better can it get?  How many months until retirement and I can do this everyday?   Oh, I will  finish edging my beds and spread mulch and stand back swell with pride of how it looks.  It is so bucolic and then it happens     ACK!!!!   The man who is cutting down two of our trees arrives!   Drat!  There are 5 men, two trucks, a bobcat, various chain saws and chippers and of course that nasty back-up beeper noise.  My idyllic morning is shattered!  I forgot to snap a few before photos and  knew better than to appear like the woman that lives in the house with 54 cats and has an overwhelming need to photograph strangers on her property.     For now, this is my view.....

 Here's a photo I quickly snapped from my back deck without them seeing me be a goober!

So what's a girl to do....stitch for awhile?   Sounds reasonable to me.    But first,Thursday night was my turn  to host Stitch and Bitch and I needed to make my cake.    Now where is that bundt pan?  I spent 35 minutes looking for it which lead to my downfall - stress eating.    

I mean really how many times can you look in the same place?   Did I really think it would magically appear on that 4th look into the bottom of my Hoosier cabinet?     Imagine the dishwasher......waiting for me to unload it.  Damage was done, I was frustrated and full of peanut M & M's.

As for stitching, I have progressed to attaching the top to my etui and attaching the ribbons to draw the sides up.    I have started and ripped out both more than twice which is never a good thing with sewing on silk.   I have shredded the silk ribbons because of attempting to attach them.    I don't really agree with how the ribbons are to be attached - to anyone who is working on this piece - consider securing the ribbons between the outside and lining before sewing the inside and outside together.   I think it would be a nicer look than attaching the ribbon on the surface of the inside.    I am not about to take out those tedious stitches only to re-do.   The frustration is mounting on this one but I think it is because I am so close to completion and so anxious to move this to the completed column.   I've got my thinking cap on this one for a way to finish it and stay true to the integrity of the design.   

This is my mission for Sunday once dinner is in the over, to sit back and relax and complete this project.   That will make six five finished in less than four months and keep my on track to erase many off my WIP well as just in time for the two new class pieces I will be snagging at my Ellen Chester classes next week.   Definitely pictures will be posted after next weekend.  


Catherine said...

Oh what a way to ruin a good morning ~ a bunch of men with power tools! Hope they finished quickly and left you with some peace!

Michele said...

You're funny Robin...I like that. Ya cheered me up reading about your cake pan dilemma. And I must say also that I find your stitching beautiful. Have a wonderful Easter Robin. (Even if you run out of M & Ms XP)

Sherry :o) said...

WhooHoo for an extra day off for you!! Hope your get-together was wonderful and relaxing.