Sunday, April 8, 2012

March WIPocalypse from Robin

Some of these are repeats from earlier in the month but needed to post for Measi's UFO Challenge.    You all witnessed my shame of the longest project......with my documentation in stitches.  

And here is my status of Shakespeare's Peddler KEYS.   I am not even sure I add any stitches since my last photo 10 days ago.  

Last but surely not least my now completed  Etui.   What will a I do with? What's it for? I have been asked both questions.   Well, I might consider putting it under glass and what's it marvel at that I accomplished it!    The finishing touches were some of the hardest.   I just didn't seem to have enough hands to hold it and manipulate in to the proper hold while I stitched the top.    I had a brilliant idea to create a hinge by using bugle beads but alas my completion did not match my vision. 

I ended up attaching the top with a ladder stitch.

I attached the ribbons by making a loop and threading a bugle bead into the loop and attached the bead to the lining.   I am pleased with my solution.

Through all of this, the rubber band and my clip-on cheaters became my loyal assistants!


Chris said...

Congratulations Robin on your Etui finish. It is a great accomplishment!

SparkCrafted said...

All lovely FOs, but the etui is especially lovely!!!

Mylene said...

WOW! Such a lovely finish. Congrats!!

Christine said...

Your etui is worthy of being under glass in your very own museum of accomplishments! What a beauty!

Michele said...

Congratulations of some fabulous finishes. (Better late than never sometimes...this time it is fitting. LOL) I have some as old myself so feel no shame alone. ;) Hope you had a wonderful Easter Robin.

Carol B said...

Congratulations on two big finishes for the month! You must be feeling great. I just finished stitching the first square of the Etui, so I won't have to tackle the assembly soon, but I'm not looking forward to it. Any idea how many hours it took you to finish the assembly?