Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.  I hope you had a fun day!  

1950's? Look at the car he is
standing next to.
I lost my father over 20 years ago and as time has passed, I remember my father all through the year....I think about him when I see a particular antique or knick-knack that now resides with me; or when I need advice on how to refinish something or plant something, I miss him; or when I look at the family tree he wrote and see his printing; or just the other day, I caught myself laughing at a prank my brother pulled on his girl friend's son and I thought instantly he was his father's son and was doing some corny prank like my father would have done.  So while I know Father's Day is the special day for 'dads', I remember mine at the strangest times and without a moments notice all through the year.  

Guests for the weekend
I found out mid-week last week that I would be treated with a visit from my son and his family.   They were traveling back east to spend time with her dad on Father's Day and for a fitting for a wedding next year.   I got to meet my newest 'grand' too!   The newest addition to the family, Etta James - named such because she 'sings' or as I would call it, 'howls'.  

L-R Troy, Gavin (my son's step-son), and Etta 
Stitching Progress
So with my son and his family in....pool time and not much stitching going on.  I am pleased with my progress but I had hoped to be done this weekend.   I am sure I will be able to wrap it up in another couple of nights of stitching.  
Just have the garland of flowers to complete!
I love IKEA shopping and my sister and I are going tomorrow - I've got a vacation day!   I love shopping IKEA even though their style is far from my country decor.   I think it is my Scandinavian heritage that draws me to their ingenuity.  I just found a new website - IKEAHackers!  They take off the shelf IKEA items and make them better.  Every year when Mr. W. goes away I get the urge to makeover a room.   Usually he is long gone before I think about it, but this year I couldn't wait for him to get out the door.   Tomorrow I am picking up this bed frame and whatever items strike my fancy.  Some new accessories, rearranging furniture and a stop at Home Depot for some crown molding......and I don't know what else....I'll have to post some before and after photos.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a happy week of stitching!


Dirty Martini Queen said...

I will be shopping at Ikea as well today but in Germany. I need to outfit a kitchen and have been told this is the best (read cheap) option available. I hope to prim things up a little by adding sme antique items. I look forward to seeing your bedroom and the inspiration. Have fun shopping.

Chris said...

Hey Robin!
Great pic of your Dad.
Great stitching.
I hope that you have a wonderful time at IKEA!
Have a great week!