Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Meet Stewey

Stewey! Behave
This is Stewey, my pool vacuum.   I seem to frequently name inanimate objects in my life.   Take my car - Peggy Sue.   Do you do the same??   Silly I know.   But back to Stewey, so named because he looked like a sting ray and quickly become Stewey the Stringray.   He seems to be getting tangled in knots.   I took him apart and laid the hose out on the deck in the sun this weekend hoping I could unkink him, but alas, I could not.   As problems go, this is not even on the scale.   
Stewey, stop being shy.   There's a whole lot more pool for you to visit.
Gardens and Greenery
It is hot hot hot here so I have been jumping in the pool after work.  Hopefully the workout will help the ever constant battle with the scale.   I am still contemplating a bike and just haven't had a weekend free to go to Sears and check one out.   For now, I am enjoying how well my plants are doing.
Spidey greened up after about ten days outside.

Look at all the flowers, soon to be new plants.

Enjoying lettuce almost every night....anyone want some Jersey Tomatoes?  
I think I will have a ton too many when they come in.
This is Ike.....been worried about him.   He was looking poorly.

Lots of new shoots so I guess Ike is on the mend.
Stitching Progress 
I managed to finish my Shepherd's Bush, Land that I Love, easy peasy!

Seriously! This is not the angle at which I took this photo!

And then I did a bad thing....started a little pin pillow from Blackbird designs.   I know! I am not crossing anything off my WIP list but I am so easily tempted....Both this one and the SB are quickies and just the thing to perk up the creative juices and make you feel rewarded on finishing. 

Bedroom Makeover
Nothing to report on the bedroom re-do yet.   My sister was not able to go to IKEA on Monday.  I decided to keep the day as a vacation day and by about 9:30 I was getting antsy so I went into the city and to IKEA by myself.   All I ending up getting was a cinnamon bun! The bed was out of stock and the slip cover I needed I could not find.  I do believe things happen for a reason so maybe there is something better I just have seen yet.  Maybe I just have to go to IKEA again.  I did pick up some fabric samples at Joann's today for new curtains.  No rush....this weekend I have a big ice cream social/community concert in the park so not much stitching will be going on.  Mr. W. will be home for 3 days sometime early in July so I guess I should wait until he has come and gone again to jump into the project.

Life is good and I wish you all  have as your greatest difficult in life nothing more than a tangled Stewey.  Stay tuned to a give-a-way I am working on for July.....


Chris said...

Great stitching progress! It is always great to start something new.
I love the new fern shoots, or curls :)
I hope that you and Stewey have a great weekend! LOL

Catherine said...

Hope Stewey learns to behave!
Cute stitches!
I love IKEA!