Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lots accomplished

Lots accomplished and so glad I used my timer......see I know that when there are jobs I don't want to tackle or know where to start, I just don't do them........using the timer allowed me to make progress and not feel like I was chained to a nasty job all day!   Yeah me!    I entertain easily.

So what did I do

  • Pulled everything out of my hope chest, sorted and folded
  • Inventoried and boxed up two boxes for Goodwill
  • Read
  • Stitched
  • Blogged
  • the three previous, in moderation
  • Rearranged little vignettes with my new purchases
  • Really cleaned the bathroom, not just the swiffer job
  • Sorted and bundled old magazines for recycling

  • Finished 3 finished stitching projects
  • Pulled all the linens out of the blanket chest and sorted and folded.   (Learned this trick on Pinterest - Store each set of sheets inside one of the pillow cases to that set.   Makes it super easy to grab a complete set when guests come.   Duh!  Why didn't I think of this one years ago.
  • A double Two double sessions on the computer doing financials (argh! the job I have put off for a week)
Here's my finishes:
Last year, Theresa from my Delaware guild, demonstrated how to make a strawberry with the spider-web cap.   Cool, quick and easy.   Earlier this year, she provided more of the same fabric to make a needlebook.    She provided instructions and two pieces of upholstery style fabric.   One for the inside and one for the outside.  Of course I had to go the non-conventional route.  I took one of the fabrics and cut it into four equal strips.   I added a strip to each side of the other fabric.

 And I made this little needlebook.   I used her fabrics to make a larger book because I had a brainstorm.   These brainstorms of mine often end with my damage done as I spin out of control!  Sort of like tornado winds. I touch down here and there on this and that and leave a mess in my wake.
 My idea was many needle books, and strawberries and other ditties does one need that don't match?  All these, one of this, one of that.  I decided to incorporate a pocket for my stitch starter, add a button closure for scissors and nun stitch a bit of linen for needles.
 And now I have a set!

 Next up, Blackbird designs.  This is one of those little stitchy patterns that had me stray from the straight and narrow of working on WIP's but I know I am not alone in my transgressions.....
 Stitched it up last month and assembled yesterday.   Used crushed walnut shells as stuffing.  (Note to self - need to buy more walnut shells.)   Love the feel and weight they give it.

 Oh come on!    All I did was remove the pins and snap another photo and #BAM# it comes out sideways.   Below is a glimpse of the civil war fabric I pulled for the back.    I have already put this to use.

 Lastly, Mr. Bones is finished finished.   I apologize for the crappy photos.   I couldn't get any without terrible glare.  Now I know why we pay extra for museum glass when we frame things.
 It is very difficult to see but he is mounted in the back of a 2 inch deep shadow box.   He has bones and scary things at his feet - glued in place because I know someone will pick him up and turn him about without thinking.  
 He came with all the extras.   It is a Prairie Moon design and the shadow box is from A. C. Moore and was under $5.
Speaking of framers.....I am so very close to finishing Lizzie Kate's ABC's of Aging that I can see a trip to the framer's next Saturday.   I know Karen will be able to finish it up in time for my September EGA meeting so I can add it to our WIP's contest.    I have the perfect place for it in my newly arranged bedroom.....but more on that and my junking finds in my next post.....for now my timer is going off and I must get back to my non-profit financial mountain of paperwork.   (Another note to self - 30 years of volunteering for this group and that group needs to come to an end!  I think I've done my share as well as the share of some others!! I just don't know how to leave my little ladies high and dry. I am thinking Archimedes Principle - if I were to remove myself from the organization, someone would fall in to replace me.  hmmm, highly improbable but a nice thought.)


cucki said...

Wow so many lovely finishes..
Well done xxx

Chris said...

Wow! you have gotten so much done!
I love the smalls. The Prairie Moon piece looks great in that shadow box.

Peggy Lee said...

Very nice finishes. I say you never have enough needlebooks, stash, scissors, etc....NEVER enough! *grins*

Anonymous said...

You certainly have been a busy beaver! I've got to get me one of those timers!! See you Thursday.

Catherine said...

You've been busy! Love all of your projects!