Sunday, September 3, 2017

Laboring at my Stitches

First, let me thank you all for indulging me in my grandson posts and pictures.   A grandchild is truly a blessing that I never thought I would have.   I am so very blessed with family, health, career, friends.....and I have to tell you little boy hugs and kisses are the best.

So, now try son and family are back home and we are back to FaceTime, and I am stitching away.   I have made great progress on Corsica River.   I am really pleased with how far I have come in the last month.   First up, a picture of progress around August 1st ......

I have run a basting stitch down the right hand.  It is so nice to have a definitive boundary along the right.

And now a picture of where I am today.  I have all the backstitch in for this row and am moving along with the Assisi.

Also, a wee bit of progress on My's Stitcher's Heart pin cushion.   This is my take along piece for needlework nights.....except when I forget to take the floss with me!   It happens.   No floss, no scissors the other night. Should always take your needlework bag and not just your project bag!  I am anxious to finish the stitching and do the finishing of this piece.

And last but not least, I finally was able to get the last of my quilting in on my son's quilt with my daughter helping guide the weight of the fabric through the machine.  So much for that fantasy I had that I would run a seam each that wonderful train of thought I'd been quilted, bounded, washed, dried, gifted and be halfway through another quilt by now.  But alas, I now have attached the binding and have the long task of hand sewing the binding ahead of me.    I have sewn only about 3 inches but I have started!  This will be a welcomed task come cool fall evenings.

September is upon us and the season's are changing.    More evening stitching time ahead!


Robin in Virginia said...

Fabulous progress on Corsica River, Robin! Good for you on getting the binding attached! Enjoy the coming week.

Daffycat said...

The binding is my favorite part of the whole quilting process! I like the starred binding you are using!

Marilyn said...

Corsica River is looking great, great progress on a labor intense piece!

Stasi said...

Robin, you have been a stitching machine in August; Corsica River is flowing right along and looking fabulous.
I started on that pincushion too and am trying to squeeze it in between other cute!
And yes, grandchildren are the best!!!

diamondc said...

Robin: Oh my what a beauty this is, Corsica River is amazing.
You have done a lot of stitch's on this, almost finished I bet you are excited.
I Love the Stitcher's Heart, I have never done a square pin cushion, I should try one once.
Your quilt looks interesting, I am looking forward to the finished binding and your reveal.